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Learning Options

Post by DM Juan » Tue Nov 16, 2021 9:42 pm

School Options:
Imperial City of Anuire - 2GB cost, +1 STR and CON
Ariya - 1GB cost, +1 CON
Rohrgaard - 1GB cost, +1 DEX
All provide Read/Write NWP and the local Language NWP for free

Gymnasium Options:
Imperial City of Anuire - 2GB cost, +1 WIS and CHA (Engineering, Ancient History, Diplomacy)
Ariya - 1GB cost, +1 INT (Religion, Diplomacy, Astrology)
Rohrgaard - 1GB cost, +1 CHA (Engineering, Gem Cutting, Reading Lips)

Academy Options:
Imperial City of Anuire - 10GB cost, Academy 6; Any class except Guilder
Ariya - 6GB cost, Academy 5: Paladin of Avanalae, Fighter, Thief, Wizard (must swear 5 oaths), Priest of any non-evil religion
Rohrgaard - 4GB cost, Academy 4: Fighter, Wizard, Guilder, Priest

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