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Post by DM Juan » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:47 pm

[+] Turn 1, Resolved
SG has event type: Intrigue - Agents of Maulok are targeting the adventurer for theft!
RK has event type: Intrigue - Agents of Maulok are targeting the adventurer for theft!

2. Gryce Natural Disaster: Heavy rainfall over the winter has led to flooding in Gryce. Outlying hamlets are inundated by mudslides, and relief efforts are called for! (2GB cost for all non-Source holders, or lose a holding level.)

3. Jedha Plague!: Elfsrot is spreading in Jedha, claimed to be an offshoot of the wasting disease that consumed much of humanity. Most healers dispute this claim, but it drives panic none the less.

5. Egg of Coot Diplomatic Incident(Guild): A delegation of Halflings are mortally offended. In a shocking affront, local merchants turned them away, saying they do not serve human children. The uproar is both warranted, and bound to have ramifications if not smoothed over.

11. Ruh Natural Disaster: Persistent overlogging in Schlewswig has resulted in more frequent flash-flooding in neighbouring Ruh. Most recently, the entire eastern half of the province has been swept away! (2GB cost for all non-source holders, or lose a holding level. Roads will also be washed away, if no one shores them up (2GB Cost to save the roadway).

13. Dithmarschen Plague!: Sailors have brought back the pox! Dithmarschen is afflicted by an outbreak that starts with a rash, but develops into puss-filled boils that burst, and are highly infectious!

17. Corrupted Fields of Aegis Festival(Temple): The people of Aegis, those at least who dare brave the outskirts of the City of Aegis, are demanding that a Gaian festival of Life be held, in the hopes that the land can be restored to prosperity! Will any heed their demand, and what could they possibly do if they are ignored?

7. Florence, Outer Adventure(All): Social/Outsiders Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Priest or Guilder of Apollyon)

14. Spider Forest Matter of Justice(Guild): A local goblin merchant has insulted Verdaloth, and the judiciary has sentenced him to death? This seems a gross over reaction, even to the church of Verdaloth, which has objected to the ruling. To overrule the legal enforcers could have dangerous ramifications, but the judgement is clearly overreach.

16. West Conclave Diplomatic Incident(All): Angering Halflings is said to be one thing, but insulting Hircine? The local religious officials who insulted Hircine were quickly backed by the local "peoples council" which issued a highly inflammatory decree outlawing the worship of Hircine in their community. While no official response has emerged from the two faiths of Hircine, local worshipers have prepared to petition Cold Harbour to intervene... not something anyone in the Conclave would want!

20. Derinkuyu Assassination!(All): The Red Hand has somehow infiltrated Derinkuyu, breaching the wards. They claim that Death holds dominion over all, and evading a natural end to life by manipulating time is a grave insult to their God.

15. Raven Adventure(All): Magical/Humanoid Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Rogue)

1. Northern Hills Adventure(All): Underground/Magical Beasts Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Infravision)

6. Ilwode Adventure(Law): Social/Outsiders Min DC: 2 (+2 Treasure Roll)

10. Nadrak Great Captain(Source): Lleu Dewin, ancient Mage of ages past, has seemingly emerged in Nadrak, seeking to claim the magical potential of the province.

18. Northern Hills Adventure(Temple): Underground/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Warrior)

19. Steel Adventure(Source): Social/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)

4. City of Dainn Diplomatic Incident(Province): A falling out between the Rivans and the Academy of Dainn seems imminent. For inscrutable reasons, The Herbalist refused to allow a child of a high ranking member of Riva to attend his classes. The family, upon receiving word, are enraged and demanding an answer or solution to the issue, immediately!

9. Dvalinn Adventure(Law): Holy/Nature Min DC: 3 (+2 Treasure Roll) [+40% to difficulty to resolve]

12. Cthol Murgos Adventure(Temple): Social/Nature Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Chaotic Alignment) [+30% to the difficulty to resolve]
Turn 1:
8. Blackmoor Mountain Adventure(Source): Survival/Magical Beasts Min DC: 4 (+2 EPL, Wizard) [+140% more difficult to resolve]

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Re: Events

Post by DM Juan » Thu Dec 16, 2021 3:35 pm

[+] Turn 2 Resolved
4. Al'mawt Matter of Justice(Province):
7. The Caldera Natural Disaster(Province):
8. Milan Clan Plague!(All):
11. Eldertree Diplomatic Incident(All):
14. Schlewswig Festival(Province): A Party has been declared! All are welcome, all must come. Prizes of renown, including a gem said to show your greatest desire.
16. Spider Hills Plague!(All): Gut Rot is prevalent in Spider Hills.
18. Carnax Diplomatic Incident(Source): Angry Goblins want the source in the province controlled by their own people.
19. Drakecrest Monstrous Regiment(Province): 9 units; 2 Ogres, 4 Gnoll Infantry, and 3 Gnoll Irregulars have assembled in Drakecrest.
1. Cthol Murgos Adventure(Guild): Underground/Magical Beasts Min DC: 3 (+2 EPL, Warrior)
3. Blasted Plains Adventure(Source): Naval/Undead Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Priest)
9. Steel Adventure(Province): Magical/Undead Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Turn/Rebuke Undead)
10. City of Dainn Adventure(Temple): Naval/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)
13. Jedha Adventure(Temple): Underground/Magical Beasts Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, CHA 14+)
Can you convince the Great Serpent to uncoil itself? Some claim that within it's grasp is a stone of great importance, capable of wonderous things...
15. Duneyrr Assassination!(Province): The Red Hand has been sighted in Duneyrr, marking "Q" for death. No indication as to why, though locals say it's because Q has rejected the Gods, and the Brotherhood does not take kindly to atheism.
17. Florence Adventure(Temple): Ancient Ruins/Nature Min DC: 3 (+2 EPL, STR 16+)
Strange tendrils of death are growing out from an ancient ruins on the edge of Florence, grabbing and "devouring" life forms that come near. The horror is they just keep spreading. Great strength is required to break free of the grasp of the tendrils...
20. City of Gorre Brigands!(Law): 8 units; 3 Medium Infantry, 3 Infantry, and 2 Irregulars have taken the field.
2. Cthol Murgos Great Captain(Province):
6. East Conclave Adventure(Source): Underground/Humanoid Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Bloodmark)
12. Ruh Adventure(Law): Holy/Outsiders Min DC: 3 (2x Treasure Roll, no treasure if making it harder)
[+] Turn 3 Resolved
1. Cthol Murgos Adventure(Province): Survival/Magical Beasts Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)
11. New Gryce Adventure(Source): Ancient Ruins/Nature Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Priest)
17. Eldertree Adventure(Guild): Naval/Magical Creations Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, CHA 14+)
2. Spider Hills Plague!(Law):
4. Giant's Crag Plague!(Guild):
8. Spider Hills Plague!(Temple):
13. Greenleaf Plague!(Guild):
3. Jedha Adventure(All): Hunt/Humanoid Min DC: 4 (+2 EPL, Wizard or Magician)
5. Duneyrr Festival(Law):
6. City of Gorre Monstrous Regiment(Law):
12. Dainn Monstrous Regiment(Guild): 1 Gnoll Heavy Infantry, 4 Gnollish Infantry, 3 Gnollish Irregulars gather in Dainn, seeking to gain control of the local guilds. They claim they are the rightful controllers of the mercantile activity, holding particular ire towards the Merchant Prince.
Turn 2
5. Blasted Plains Adventure(Source): Underground/Magical Creations Min DC: 3 (+2 EPL, Rogue)

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Re: Events

Post by DM Juan » Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:34 am

7. Blackmoor Mountain Diplomatic Incident(Source):
9. Ilwode Great Captain(Law):
10. Schlewswig Adventure(Source): Social/Magical Creations Min DC: 3 (+2 EPL, Rogue)
14. Derinkuyu Adventure(Law): Survival/Humanoid Min DC: 4 (+2 EPL, Warrior)
15. Dainn Adventure(Province): Underground/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)
16. Aegis Adventure(Guild): Ancient Ruins/Humanoid Min DC: 4 (+2 EPL, Bloodform/trait)

18. Wilted Plains Intrigue(All):
19. Dainn Adventure(Guild): Underground/Undead Min DC: 4 (+2 EPL, Turn or Rebuke Undead)
20. Derinkuyu Adventure(Guild): Naval/Undead Min DC: 2 (2x Treasure Roll, on resolution)

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