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[+] Resolved
[+] Turn 1
Hamein - Adventure(Temple): Survival/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Rogue)
Careine - Adventure(Temple): Magical/Outsiders Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Warrior)
Lyssan - Adventure(Source): Survival/Nature Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Priest)
Barniere - Adventure(Source): Underground/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)
Rhuorke - Adventure(Source): Survival/Humanoid Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)

Baruk-Azhik - Orog assault! - the long running battle between Baruk-Azhik and the Orogs who dwell below them, has broken out beneath Rivenrock. Assistance will be rewarded, but dangerous! [Units act as if 1 tier lower, but you get +4 on treasure rolls for War Adventures leading units sent]

Coeranys - Ancient Ruins/Magical Creations Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Sidhe/Half-Sidhe)
A sighting of fey creatures along Coeranys' northern border has locals concerned that something from the Sielwode may be involved in these disturbances.

Elinie - Social/Outsiders Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Speaking Basarji; 2 Treasure Rolls, take best one)
The ruling class of Elinie are said to be being extorted by a Djinn. A cunning intervention could bring favour, if you are able to diffuse the situation.
[+] Turn 2
Barniere - Adventure(Temple): Hunt/Magical Beasts Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)
Strange creatures, said to be spawn of the Hydra, have appeared in Barniere. They are not particularly hard to defeat, but there is an endless number it seems. Their scales are said to be worth a small fortune, though, and hunters and adventurers are flocking to gain their skins.
Careine - Intrigue(Guild): Brigands in Careine, reportedly trying to muscle their way into the protection racket. If they continue, money could divert from the Mayor...
Hamein - Plague!(Temple): A plague of boils has erupted in Hamein! Local Priests are being begged to turn it back by blessing the land
Lyssan - Adventure(All): Social/Outsiders Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Warrior)
Can you convince the Planetar to leave? A clever mind might work in a pinch, but what seems to truly impress the Angelic being is feats of strength. It doesn't seem particularly dangerous or harmful to the locals, per se, but nonetheless most are eager to get the extremely powerful being to move on!
Salviene - Adventure(Temple): Holy/Magical Creations Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, No Evil aligned party members / +2 Treasure Roll) (+20% to resolve)
Mhowe - Undead Incursion! 2 Companies of Skeletons Rise up in Mhowe. They are most certainly not friendly, and seem intent on destroying everything in the province.
Baruk-Azhik - Adventure: Holy/Undead Min DC: 2 (+2 Hits taken; +4 Treasure Roll)
Assisting the local priests of Moradin in turning back the powerful Orog-Zombies will be richly rewarded. But be warned - the Zombies are not the usual pushovers, seeming to retain all the ferocious strength and endurance of their source!
Mhowe - Adventure(Temple): Social/Magical Beasts Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Wizard/Magician / +2 Treasure Roll) (+20% to Resolve)
Having failed to clear our the swarms of vampire-bats, the local priests are said to now be offering a bounty for their removal. Those mystically inclined may be able to figure out what is causing the Bats to swarm in such numbers, which may short circuit the whole issue entirely.
Coeranys - Adventure: Magical/Outsiders Min DC: 2 (-2 EPL; +2000 XP)
Tanar'ri of ferocious mien stalk the Marches of Coeranys. If you are strong enough to wade through their midst and strike at the fearsome glabrezu, you will gain much experience that could serve you well in future endeavors. Or, you may end up with your soul consumed and fed to the gruesome beasts.
Rhuorke - Adventure(Source): Survival/Magical Beasts Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Priest) [+30% to resolve]
Salviene - Adventure(Guild): Underground/Magical Beasts Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Rogue Class) [+20% to resolve]
Elinie - Mercenary Contract
Rumours start to spread that Elinie is calling on Mercenaries to assist William Moergen. It is said that Elinie would consider it of great favour if armies were provided for an 'expeditionary force' to assist William Moergen, though no official request has gone out. (Gain Favour with Elinie instead of WM for interfering in Osoerde war. Gain Favour at half the rate, but get paid GB equal to favour gained).
[+] Turn 3
Barniere: Military(Source): 4 companies from the Harrowmarsh, lizardfolk of fierce spirit but little training (Irregulars+) are said to be led by a Khinasi mage, looking to establish a foothold in Barniere, at the likely expense of the Chimaera. What crazed mage would dare such a thing is hard to fathom...
Careine: Adventure(Law): Holy/Undead Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)
Hamein: Adventure(Province): Underground/Outsiders Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Warrior)
Lyssan: Great Captain(Law): Vlad the Vexed, has gathered a group of thugs to press for control over Lyssan's enforcement, with clear sights set on claiming Lyssan's Mayoral title not far beyond.
Mhowe: Adventure(Source): Underground/Magical Beasts Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Priest)
Ruorkhe: Adventure(Law): Ancient Ruins/Undead Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Wizard)
Salviene: Adventure(Guild): Survival/Nature Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Rogue)
Ghoere - Mercenaries for Hire?: Ghoere has put out a call for all mercenary forces willing to back them in a campaign. No favour is expected, but lucrative rewards are! (Gain GB and RP each equal to half the normal Relationship Score received in mercenary contracts). The mission is believed to be dangerous, but numbers could lessen the danger considerably (If total support[measured as per Relationship Score above] < 20, roll d10 vs units; if support < 40, roll d8 vs units; if 40+ roll as normal)

Baruk-Azhik - A Special Call: Those who have gained favour with Baruk-Azhik (5+) are being called upon to assist with a special project, with promises of lucrative returns. You are asked to gather in the Promontory to receive further information, as it relates to this important task.

Coeranys - Adventure: Hunt/Magical Creations Min DC: 3 (+4 Treasure Roll; -2 EPL)

Elinie - Adventure: Underground/Magical Beasts Min DC: 2 (2x Treasure Roll (take best outcome); +2 Hits taken)

Osoerde - William Moergen's Rebellion! (Special - can help either side)
The never ending partisan conflict in Osoerde isn't likely to be resolve in the near term, but getting in the good graces of either Lord Raenech or Lord Moergen could pay dividends long term. Summer is likely to find the battle intensify, especially as Elinie becomes distracted by other things, and is no longer offering direct support.

Turn 4 -
Barniere: Adventure(All): Naval/Nature Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Warrior)
Careine: Adventure(Source): Ancient Ruins/Undead Min DC: 3 (+2 EPL, Rogue)
Hamein: Natural Disaster/Plague!(Guild):
Lyssan: Adventure(Source): Ancient Ruins/Outsiders Min DC: 3 (+2 EPL, Priest)
Mhowe: Intrigue(Temple):
Ruorkhe: Adventure(Temple): Social/Nature Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Wizard/Magician)
Salviene: Great Captain(Guild):

Foreign (You can improve your relations with various nations by resolving/assisting with their events)
Adventures: +2 Relationship Score if resolved; +1 for an attempt
Military: +1 Relationship Score per 2 tiers of units you send to assist; each unit will Roll D6, if roll > Tier of unit, it dies [Your Adventure with the unit(s) sent will grant you a the DC of the adventure in bonuses you apply across your units for purposes of the death check and Relationship Score]. You cannot send Military Units without spending the actions to accompany them. The bonuses accrue for each action spent on the war-adventure with units. You cannot join military events without at least 1 military unit accompanying you.

Ghoere - None

Baruk-Azhik - Adventure: Survival/Magical Creations Min DC: 3 (2x Treasure Roll; +6 Hits taken)

Coeranys - Emergency Aid to William Moergen
Coeranys is paying for mercenaries to urgently assist Lord Moergen! (Half of the Favour converted into 1GB/1RP per 2 favour converted)

Elinie - Emergency Aid to William Moergen
Elinie is paying for mercenaries to urgently assist Lord Moergen! (all Favour converted into 1GB/1RP per 2 favour)

Osoerde - William Moergen's Rebellion! (Special - can help either side)
William Moergen is near total defeat, and a hard push for Lord Raenech could finish him off! [min: 20 tier imbalance in favour of Lord Raenech will cause victory]

Rohrmarch - Clockwork Mayhem! [Counts as Constructs for collecting resources]
Rohrmarch urgently requests military assistance with some strange form of replicating machinery, swarming across their lands. Not stemming the tide could cause the disaster to spill across the border... [min: 25 tiers required, including leadership, in the turn, to resolve]

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