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Post by DM Juan » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:47 pm

[+] Turn 1 Resolved
Turn 1 -

Adventure(Source): Underground/Magical Creations Min DC: 1

Adventure(Temple): Magical/Outsiders Min DC: 0

Adventure(Temple): Survival/Magical Creations Min DC: 0

Adventure(Source): Survival/Nature Min DC: 0

Adventure(Temple): Social/Magical Beasts Min DC: 0

Adventure(Source): Survival/Humanoid Min DC: 0

Adventure(Temple): Holy/Magical Creations Min DC: 1

Foreign (You can improve your relations with various nations by resolving/assisting with their events)
Adventures: +2 Relationship Score if resolved; +1 for an attempt
Military: +1 Relationship Score per 2 tiers of units you send to assist; each unit will Roll D6, if roll > Tier of unit, it dies [Adventuring with the unit(s) sent will grant you a the DC of the adventure in bonuses you can apply across your units (eg DC2 gives you 2 points you could use to increase 2 units by 1, or 1 unit by 2 for this check).]

Baruk-Azhik - Orog assault!

Coeranys - Ancient Ruins/Magical Creations Min DC: 2

Elinie - Social/Outsiders Min DC: 2

Osoerde - William Moergen's Rebellion! (Special - can help either side)

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