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[+] Turn 1 Resolved
Turn 1 -

Adventure(Source): Underground/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)

Adventure(Temple): Magical/Outsiders Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Warrior)

Adventure(Temple): Survival/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Rogue)

Adventure(Source): Survival/Nature Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Priest)

Adventure(Temple): Social/Magical Beasts Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, Wizard/Magician)

Adventure(Source): Survival/Humanoid Min DC: 1 (+2 Treasure Roll)

Adventure(Temple): Holy/Magical Creations Min DC: 1 (+2 EPL, No Evil aligned party members)

Foreign (You can improve your relations with various nations by resolving/assisting with their events)
Adventures: +2 Relationship Score if resolved; +1 for an attempt
Military: +1 Relationship Score per 2 tiers of units you send to assist; each unit will Roll D6, if roll > Tier of unit, it dies [Adventuring with the unit(s) sent will grant you a the DC of the adventure in bonuses you can apply across your units for purposes of the death check and Relationship Score.

Baruk-Azhik - Orog assault! - the long running battle between Baruk-Azhik and the Orogs who dwell below them, has broken out beneath Rivenrock. Assistance will be rewarded, but dangerous! [Units act as if 1 tier lower, but you get +4 on treasure rolls for War Adventures leading units sent]

Coeranys - Ancient Ruins/Magical Creations Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Sidhe/Half-Sidhe)
A sighting of fey creatures along Coeranys' northern border has locals concerned that something from the Sielwode may be involved in these disturbances.

Elinie - Social/Outsiders Min DC: 2 (+2 EPL, Speaking Basarji; 2 Treasure Rolls, take best one)
The ruling class of Elinie are said to be being extorted by a Djinn. A cunning intervention could bring favour, if you are able to diffuse the situation.

Osoerde - William Moergen's Rebellion! (Special - can help either side)
The never ending partisan conflict in Osoerde isn't likely to be resolve in the near term, but getting in the good graces of either Lord Raenech or Lord Moergen could pay dividends long term.

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