Blood Abilities

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Blood Abilities

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[+] Blood Ability Gained
Strength d100 Ability
1 1-100 Minor
6 1-100 Minor
11 1-50 Minor
51-100 Enhanced to Major*
16 1-40 Minor
41-80 Enhanced to Major*
81-100 Major
21 1-40 Minor
41-75 Enhanced to Major*
76-100 Major
26 1-25 Minor
26-40 Enhanced to Major*
41-70 Major
71-100 Enhanced to Great*
31 1-25 Minor
26-40 Enhanced to Major*
41-70 Major
71-100 Enhanced to Great*
36 1-15 Minor
16-30 Enhanced to Major*
31-50 Major
51-80 Enhanced to Great*
81-100 Great
41** 1-10 Minor
11-25 Enhanced to Major*
26-40 Major
41-75 Enhanced to Great*
76-100 Great
* Increases Minor->Major, or Major->Great. If an increase is not possible, grants a new ability at the noted power instead.
**And every 5 afterwards (46/51/56 etc)
[+] Blood Abilities by Derivation and Strength
Bloodline Minor Major Great
ALL Animal Affinity, Bloodmark, Detect Illusion (ex. AN), Detect Lie (ex. AZ), Detect Life, Enhance Sense, Heightened Ability, Long Life, Major Resistance, Resistance, Unreadable Thoughts Animal Affinity, Blood Trait (ex. AZ), Detect Life, Divine Aura (ex. BR), Enhance Sense, Heightened Ability, Long Life, Major Resistance, Protection from Evil (ex. AZ), Resistance Animal Affinity, Blood Trait (ex. AZ), Detect Life, Divine Aura (ex. BR), Heightened Ability, Long Life, Major Resistance, Resistance
Anduiras Courage*, Healing, Iron Will Battlewise, Courage*, Divine Wrath, Healing Courage*, Elemental Control, Healing
Azrai Alertness, Death Touch*, Iron Will, Poison Sense Alter Appearance, Battlewise, Bloodform*, Charm Aura, Death Touch*, Fear*, Persuasion, Wither Touch* Berserker's Blood, Bloodform*, Charm Aura, Invulnerability, Major Regeneration, Regeneration, Shadow Form, Touch of Decay*, Travel, Wither Touch*
Basaia Alertness, Healing, Light of Reason* Character Reading, Charm Aura, Divine Wrath, Healing, Light of Reason* Charm Aura, Elemental Control, Healing, Invulnerability, Light of Reason*, Travel
Brenna Alertness, Blood History Alter Appearance, Character Reading, Charm Aura, Home Hearkening*, Persuasion Charm Aura, Home Hearkening*, Shadow Form, Travel
Masela Blood History, Direction Sense Divine Wrath, Sea Song* Elemental Control, Travel
Reynir Alertness, Direction Sense, Forest Walk*, Healing, Iron Will, Poison Sense Forest Walk*, Healing Elemental Control, Forest Walk*, Healing, Major Regeneration, Regeneration
Vorynn Blood History, Mebhaighl Sense* Alter Appearance, Character Reading, Mebhaighl Sense* Berserker's Blood, Invulnerability, Mebhaighl Sense*, Travel
* indicates signature blood ability
[+] Alertness(Minor): Azrai, Basaia, Brenna, Reynir
The character possesses an uncanny sense of his surroundings and is surprised only on a roll of 1. He gains a normal surprise check even in situations of automatic surprise. +10 to the DC against assassination attempts.
[+] Alter Appearance(Major): Azrai, Brenna, Vorynn
Some scions can briefly change their approximate build and facial features by means of a natural illusory talent. The effect is equal to a change self spell at the fifth level of ability, except that its duration is one turn plus one round per level. It can be used once per day. The scion can approximate another individual's appearance if he has met the individual previously. +5 to Espionage - Province, allows the creation of 1 Spy Ring.
[+] Animal Affinity(Minor/Major/Great): ALL
As a minor ability, the character has an empathic link with his totem animal. He will never be attacked by members of the species unless they are magically controlled. This grants a +2 to the EPL of your party on one type of adventure depending on your choice of totem animal (will be decided upon choice of totem).
As a major ability, the character can speak with animals of the totem species. The animal must be within 10 feet of the character. This works as Animal Friendship spell, granting an animal companion for "Main Adventures." Your gain +2 to the EPL of your party on another type of adventure.
As a great ability, once per day, the character may shape change into the particular animal form for up to four hours. This ability can situationally grant +5 bonuses to escaping assassinations, or spying, etc (depending on your totem choice, you will be given a specific bonus).
You will be allowed to chose a totem animal upon gaining this blood ability. Try to remain thematically appropriate, but having a lion for Anduiras is not required (nor a cat for brenna, etc).
[+] Battlewise(Major): Anduiras, Azrai
The scion with this ability is a military genius, blessed with an uncanny power to analyze enemy weaknesses, create sound plans of attack, and inspire troops to victory. Any army he leads is far more effective than a similar force under another commander. The DC of the "war adventure" is considered 1 level higher than chosen for purposes of effects.
[+] Berserker Blood(Great): Azrai, Vorynn
Few on Cerilia doubt that this blood ability initially came to the Vos as a gift from Azrai. Still, it somehow managed to manifest in Vorynn's heirs as well. The Vos blessed with this blood ability see it as a sign of strength, and those who still worship Vorynn perceive it as a mark of forgiveness for their races' past transgressions. Scions with this ability can surpass the limits of mortal endurance and battle after other mortals would have died at the hands of their enemies. When a scion with the berserker 's blood ability suffers enough damage that his hit points fall to zero or lower, he can make a saving throw vs. death magic in an attempt to keep fighting. The scion may add 1 point to his saving throw for every two levels of experience that he has achieved. If the saving throw is successful, the scion goes into a berserk fury. The scion may fight only with melee weapons or barehanded, and will attack the nearest opponent single-mindedly. When he defeats that opponent, he moves on to another. When he runs out of opponents, he must make a saving throw vs. petrification or continue attacking the nearest living being (friends included). The scion continues to fight until he runs out of people to attack, he is somehow healed to above zero hit points, or he suffers damage beyond zero equal to his bloodline strength score. Should this last condition occur, he falls into a coma. If he cannot be brought to positive hit points within two rounds, the scion dies. If the scion receives enough healing to bring his hit points above zero, he lapses into a deep-but normal-sleep. He must rest for twice the number of rounds he spent fighting at zero or fewer hit points, or make a system shock check every round he acts. If he fails the check, he dies immediately.

While berserk, he is immune (no Saving Throw is necessary) to the wizard spells charm person, friends, hypnotism, sleep, irritation, ray of enfeeblement, scare, geas, and the clerical spells command, charm person or mammal, enthrall, cloak of bravery, and symbol. He gets a +4 to save against the wizard spells blindness, Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter, hold person, charm monster, and confusion, and the clerical spells hold person and hold animal. The emotion spell has no effect on the Berserker, unless the caster chose the fear result. If fear was chosen, the Berserker gets a normal Saving Throw; if he makes it, he continues on as before, but if he fails it, he is prematurely snapped out of his Berserk, with all the normal effects of coming out of the Berserk (but he doesn't suffer other fear effect). The fear spell has exactly the same effect: If he saves, there is no effect, and if he doesn't save, he's snapped out of the Berserk. If he fails a saving throw against charm monster, he simply counts the caster as one of his allies; he doesn't come out of the Berserk or obey the caster's commands. While Berserk, the character gets 1 extra attack, +1 to attack, +3 to damage. This does not stack with Haste.

While Berserk, he must fight each opponent until that opponent is down. Once an opponent is felled, the Berserker must move to the nearest enemy and attack him. He can't, for instance, choose to attack the enemy leader if that leader is behind seven ranks of spearmen. The Berserker must keep fighting until all enemies are down. While Berserk, the character is temporarily unaffected by the clerical spells bless, cure light wounds, aid, cure serious wounds, cure critical wounds, heal, regenerate (and wither). He will gain the benefits of those spells only after he has come out of his Berserk and suffered any and all damages which occurred then. The taunt spell is automatically successful, and will cause the Berserker to abandon his current enemy and rush to attack the taunter.
[+] Blood History(Minor): Brenna, Maesela, Vorynn
Some scions are blessed (or cursed) with the memories of their ancestors. With concentration, they can call upon the memories of all direct ancestors. A character gains these memories at the time of his birth; therefore, the character will have none of his parent's memories of events later than the character's birth. Places, people, and information long forgotten elsewhere may be available to the scion as the DM allows. FREE NWP: Local History, plus possible random tidbits of knowledge (similar to bardic 'random knowledge').
[+] Bloodform(Major/Great): Azrai
This is the power that causes an awnshegh's form to shift toward its most corrupt state; from the character's perspective, he is achieving power that ultimately suits his nature (if not his aesthetic wishes). An uncontrolled power, bloodform manifests whenever a character invested with the blood of Azrai (and this ability) taps his powers. In many ways, bloodform is more a curse than an ability, but many awnsheghlien look at it as a mixed blessing. Initial changes are small but noticeable; for example, a human female with Azrai's bloodline is wounded, and when she uses her regeneration ability, her body heals over the wound with different skin, almost a scaled hide. Continual use of blood abilities brings these physical changes more to the forefront until they totally alter the original creature, creating an awnshegh; our example of the human female could eventually become the Naga or some other suitably scaled creature of nightmares. Depending on the amount and frequency of powers used, as well as the character's bloodline strength, the transformation to awnshegh form could take as little as three years or as many as six centuries. When a character with the bloodform ability receives any additional power, through bloodtheft or other channels, there is a 75% chance that the new ability will manifest as a physical change in his body which allows either a new attack (claws, beak, fangs, etc.), a new defense (armored or furred skin, increased speed, etc.), or a new physical ability entirely (the Gorgon's paralytic gaze, the Vampire's mist form, etc.)

The ultimate transformation of a character to awnshegh status should be carefully planned by the DM, so there is logical progression of the creature's form, attack and defense modes, and final powers based on the character's personality and nature. If this is a player character, discussions with the DM on the character's drives and goals can help to divine how the PC's bloodform will be manifest.
+3 EPL on war adventures
[+] Bloodmark(Minor): ALL
The blooded character bears a visible, recognizable sign of his special heritage. Depending on the family, it may be a white streak in the hair, eyes of brilliant green, or a birthmark. NPCs who recognize the mark will tend to be respectful toward the scion, and even enemies perceive the mark as a warning to conduct themselves carefully around the scion. The bloodmark's effect is a -3 bonus to encounter reaction checks (from Table 59 in the DMG), depending on the circumstances of the meeting. Your lieutenant limit is increased by one. You are able to do a FREE ACTION: Seek Lieutenant, once (this is assumed to have happened pre-game if you started with Bloodmark).
[+] Blood Trait(Major/Great): ALL except Azrai
Blooded characters can change their physical forms to access their blood abilities more evocatively. In effect, a character can use this gift to alter his body to accurately reflect his powers. This is very similar to the uncontrolled bloodform ability that creates awnsheghlien, though the characters partially control the power changing them. The exact form of these blood trait transformations is not controlled by the blooded character, but the timing of the change is. Therefore, these characters choose to exhibit their special legacies openly. An NPC with a bloodtrait is unsettling to normal mortals, though, and results in a +1 to +4 encounter reaction penalty, depending on circumstances.
Examples: A character with Vorynn's bloodline might choose to change her entire head to resemble that of an owl in order for her to more easily tap her animal affinity talent. Another blooded character might shift his hand from appearing as solid flesh to something crystalline that glows when the healing talent is used. Unlike the bloodform, this change does not advance uncontrollably; it advances and alters a character further only if so willed by the character.
It is rare that any regent or scion of any bloodline would choose to significantly change his form, as this sort of alteration of form is most closely linked in many peoples' minds with the awnsheghlien. Within the first eight centuries after Deismaar, though circumstances forced this ability into use in order for the forces of good to vanquish the growing evil of rampaging awnsheghlien. While no one in the public eye has actively used this power to change himself in recent centuries, a few ancient heroes embraced this ability to become servants of good who moved beyond humanity. Known ehrsheghlien (elvish for "blood of light") that still exist within Cerilia include the Pegasus, the Phoenix, and the Treant.
[+] Character Reading(Major): Basaia, Brenna, Vorynn
The scion is an unnaturally perceptive judge of character and can quickly form accurate assessments of another character's intentions, attitudes, and motivations. The scion must speak with the person in question for at least one round to form an impression. Alignment is not revealed, but if the target is doing something directly related to alignment (for example, plotting an evil act), the scion will get a perception of evil tendencies. A scion with this ability is almost impossible to fool. He'll spot potential traitors or bad-faith deals with 90% accuracy unless the target's intent is magically concealed. +5 against Espionage - Province and Espionage - Plant Spy/Spy Ring.
[+] Charm Aura(Major/Great): Azrai, Basaia, Brenna
Similar to divine aura, charm aura projects an invisible shroud of power around the blooded character. Rather than enthralling onlookers with awe and majesty, this aura also mesmerizes and controls those within 50 feet. As a major ability, the character can charm 1-6 non-hostile creatures or scare enemies. As a great talent, charm aura inflicts either mass charm on non-hostiles or confusion on hostiles within 75 feet. This power, regardless of its rank, is usable only three times per day and affects only non-blooded creatures of six or fewer hit dice. Charm Aura, when used with a divine aura, can extend the range of either aura to 100 feet. Your lieutenant limit is increased by one. You are able to do a FREE ACTION: Seek Lieutenant, once (this is assumed to have happened pre-game if you started with Charm Aura).
[+] Courage(Minor/Major/Great): Anduiras
As the ancient god of noble battle, Anduiras imbued supernatural courage into many of the bloodlines derived from him. As a minor ability, characters with courage automatically succeed saving throws versus spells and effects that create magical or normal fear, including cause fear, fear, phantasmal killer, drums of panic, dragon fear,and similar effects. For effects that are normally allowed no save, the character may roll a saving throw with a -2 penalty.
As a major ability, this effect extends to all allies within 10 feet. 1/2 level units are immune to morale failure, or fear effects.
As a great ability, all units in the scion's area of the battlefield automatically succeed morale checks. Level units are immune to fear effects.
War Adventures: +1 EPL Minor, +2 EPL Major, +3 EPL Great
[+] Death Touch(Minor/Major): Azrai
A character afflicted with this ability can exude a virulent poison in some manner. Contact with this toxin results in disease or death, depending on the strength of the ability. With the slightest contact, death touch can spoil food and drink, or pollute a small well or enclosed pool of water. This ability manifests in a wide variety of ways, such as a skin contact poison (emitted through pores on hands or other appendages) [-2 AC, -2 to saves], injected poisons (introduced through fangs or another piercing implement) [-4 to saves], or a spray or cloud (anything form a mist-like breath weapon to an underwater ink cloud). At its widest dispersal, the death touch affects only those creatures within a 25-foot radius of the emission point.
At minor levels, contact forces a victim to save vs. death magic or else contract a disease and lose 1d4 hit points per day until a neutralize poison or a cure disease is cast on the victim. A major death touch is more virulent, and an immediate save vs. death magic is needed to stave off death in 1-10 rounds; if successful, the effects still operate as per the minor ability.
Obviously, some awnsheghlien have even more dangerous variants of this ability, exuding natural poisons of extremely virulent natures. While they are listed as having this ability, their particular poisonous touches (or effects) are unique and detailed under each specifically empowered awnshegh.
Detect Illusion(Minor): ALL except Anduiras
Scions with this ability are rarely fooled by illusion spells that create false visual images. When a scion encounters an illusion, he is immediately allowed a saving throw versus spell. Success means the scion instantly perceives the illusion for what it is, even if he is making no particular effort to disbelieve the illusion. If he consciously attempts to disbelieve, he does so with a +4 bonus to the saving throw. This ability is effective against any illusion spell that creates a false image or substitutes a false image for reality. The scion gains no advantage against spells such as invisibility, deafness, blur, fear, and eyebite. +2 to Effective Party Level for "Magical" adventures.

Detect Lie(Minor): ALL except Azrai
Once per day, the scion can concentrate on one individual and discern whether he is speaking the truth, as per priest spell detect lie. The effect lasts for one turn regardless of the scion's level. The reverse of the spell is not possible through this blood ability. +5 vs Espionage - Plant Spy/Spy Ring.
[+] Detect Life(Minor/Major/Great): ALL
The blooded character can sense all living creatures and things within a particular range. At minor ability, the character can sense animal life in general amounts (little to a lot) and the exact amount and location of living plant life within 100 yards per Intelligence point. +2 to EPL on "Survival" adventures
Major ability grants the character a range of 300 yards per Intelligence point, the power focused to detect exact amounts of animals and general amount of sentient life. +5 to Espionage - Province
At great ability, detect life can pinpoint exact numbers of all forms of life (sentient or not) within 500 yards per Intelligence point. +10 vs Espionage - Assassinate
[+] Direction Sense(Minor): Maesela, Reynir
A character with direction sense has almost no chance of becoming lost. As long as he knows his destination, he has an unerring sense of the direction in which his destination lies. This does not mean that the character always follows the easiest course when travelling, since he could easily encounter impassible terrain and be forced to detour around it. The scion can also retrace his steps with ease. FREE NWP: Direction Sense. +1 to EPL for "Naval" adventures for Maesela blooded, and "Survival" adventures for Reynir blooded.
[+] Divine Aura(Major/Great): ALL except Brenna
An intangible mantle of power and nobility surrounds some blooded characters, commanding respect form all they meet. Divine aura marks the character as a scion of power, just as a bloodmark does; the character gains a -3 bonus to all encounter reaction checks from Table 59 in the DMG.
The scion can enhance his aura once per day with one round of concentration. The effect lasts one round per level.
As a major ability, the character can enthrall any non-blooded creatures within 30 feet.
As a great ability, the character's aura acts as a hypnotic pattern against non-hostile creatures and as a fear spell against enemies (the abilities affect a 30-foot radius). All the auras affect only creatures of character's level Hit Dice or less; the great auras may be used simultaneously. Your lieutenant limit is increased by one.
[+] Divine Wrath(Major): Anduiras, Basaia, Maesela
When a character with this ability is moved to great anger, he becomes a terrible enemy. His body is imbued with extreme strength, and the mere sight of his angry visage terrifies his enemies. The divine wrath can never be summoned voluntarily; it comes over the scion only when he battles someone who has wronged his loved ones or himself. The DM must decide whether the player's role-playing of the character indicates that the divine wrath might overtake him. This condition grants the character the following: a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls; one extra attack per melee round; a +3 bonus to all saving throws; and resistance to damage, all successful attacks against him are reduced by 1 point per die of damage. Spells cast by the scion result in the maximum possible effect, for example, a 5th-level wizard casting fireball automatically causes 30 points of damage (normal saving throws still apply); spells of variable duration always last the maximum amount of time. Furthermore, any enemy within 10 feet of the character who meets his gaze must save versus spell or be stricken with fear and flee for 2d6 rounds. The divine wrath lasts on turn plus one round per level or until the battle is over.
[+] Elemental Control(Great): Anduiras, Basaia, Maesela, Reynir
Several of the old gods were closely tied to the four elements. Maesela was goddess of the sea; Basaïa was associated with the sun; Reynir was tied to earth; Anduiras was associated with the skies. A few rare scions of these lines inherited their progenitors' powers over these elements. A scion with the elemental control ability can summon an elemental of the appropriate type once per week with no risk of the creature turning on him. The elemental follows the scion's orders for 10 rounds before departing. In addition, the scion receives on of the following powers depending on derivation. Scions of Anduiras may create a gust of wind up to three times per day; scions of Basaia are protected by resist fire; scions of Reynir may meld into stone or passwall once per day; and scions of Maesela may water walk for up to three full turns per day.
Anduiras: Elemental Air grants +2 to EPL on "Hunt" adventures and war adventures
Basaia: Elemental Fire grants +2 to EPL on "Survival" adventures and naval war adventures
Maesela: Elemental Water grants +2 to EPL on "Naval" adventures and naval war adventures
Reynir: Elemental Earth grants +2 to EPL on "Underground" adventures and war adventures
[+] Enhance Sense(Minor/Major): ALL
Blooded characters are sometimes gifted with powers of perception far beyond those of ordinary mortals. The nature of the enhanced sense depends on the derivation and power of the character's bloodline.
Anduiras: Scions of Anduiras may detect evil three times per day, as described for paladins in the PHB. As a major ability, they may detect evil at will. +1(Minor)/+2(Major) EPL vs outsider and undead adventures
Azrai: A scion of Azrai can see into and through shadows without difficulty. At dusk, his vision is as acute as if it were bright daylight. Anyone hiding in shadows (regardless of time of day) suffers a 50% penalty to the check if a scion of Azrai happens to look at the hiding place. 1/day scions of Azrai's vision may pierce magical darkness. As a major ability, Azrai's spawn gain the power to see into the Shadow World as noted for halflings (detect evil, detect undead, and detect magic [necromancy only] in the real world; as per the wizard spells at the fifth level of ability; 75% chance of success; as often as a scion wishes; concentrating for one round allows all three at once). Azrai's scions may also note places where a crossover to the Shadow World can be made, but this does not confer the ability to enter the Shadow World. +1(Minor)/+2(Major) EPL vs undead adventures
Basaïa: Scions of Basaïa's blood have the vision of a hawk. They can spot detail and motion at ten times the distance of a normal human. All missile range penalties for the scion are reduced by one category, i.e., long-range shots suffer the -2 penalty of medium range fire, and medium range fire is not penalized. As a major ability, Basaïa's scions can penetrate normal or magical darkness for one turn per day by sending forth narrow beams of fiery sunlight from their eyes. The light reaches a distance of 60 feet. +1(Minor)/+2(Major) EPL vs Magical Adventures
Brenna: Brenna's line is blessed with the sight and hearing of cats. They have infravision to a range of 30 feet and gain a +1 bonus to surprise checks. There is no major ability for Brenna's line. +1 EPL vs Underground Adventures
Maesela: Characters of this derivation are not hindered by wind, rain, fog, snow, or other weather related obscurement. The character can see at least 120 feet in even the worst conditions (although darkness affects the character normally), and hearing is not hampered by howling wind or driving rain. A scion with a major ability can hear his name spoken (as well as what is said about him) anywhere within 10 miles. The scion and the speaker must both be outdoors at the time. The wind carries conversations about the scion to him; enemies must be careful of speaking his name. +1(Minor)/+2(Major) EPL vs Naval Adventures
Reynir: A scion of Reynir is attuned to the wilderness and possesses the Tracking proficiency as a ranger of equal level. (If the scion is a ranger, he gains a +4 bonus to his Tracking score.) In addition, the scion is surprised in wilderness settings only on a roll of 1; he notes the snap of twigs, the movements of birds and small creatures, and other telltale signs of an enemy's presence. There is no major ability for Reynir's blood. +1 EPL vs Survival Adventures
Vorynn: Characters of Vorynn's line have a limited ability to see into the future. By concentrating for one round, the scion may attempt to learn the result of his actions, gaining information equal to a divination spell cast by an 8th-level priest. He may attempt this once per day. As a major ability, the divination effect may trigger automatically when the character is headed into unknown danger (this does not count against his active attempt at a divination). There is a 60% chance that the blood ability activates; the DM may modify this chance based on the nature and degree of danger. Strong, evil threats are more likely to trigger the ability than weaker, accidental dangers. +1(Minor)/+2(Major) EPL vs Magical Adventures.

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Re: Blood Abilities

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[+] Fear(Major): Azrai
With a touch, the scion can instill absolute terror in his victim, as per the fear spell cast by a 10th-level wizard. Armor doesn't hamper the effect; the character need only brush his victim lightly (although an attack roll may be required depending on circumstances). The scion can use this power three times per day. As an incidental benefit, the scion gains a +2 bonus to his saving throws versus all types of fear that allow saves. +2 EPL on "Social" adventures.
[+] Forest Walk (Minor/Major/Great): Reynir
Scions can use this ability to harmonize with the forest, moving through it without affecting it. A character with the minor ability may pass through any light, medium, or heavy forests at no penalty to his normal movement rate. No normal tracking ability (such as that of rangers) can discover his trail-as per the priest spell pass without trace. All natural tracking abilities are also useless. +2 to EPL on survival adventures in forested provinces.
At major power, this ability grants the scion resistance to magical forms of tracking. The scion gains 5% resistance per experience level whenever he is in forest terrain. This resistance applies equally to spells or magic items (such as a crystal ball) that could be used to locate or track him. +2 to EPL on hunt adventures in forested provinces.
As a great ability, forest walk enables a scion to enter the edge of any forest and, after walking through it for a certain number of hours (24 minus one-half his experience level), emerge from the same forest at any point desired. For example, a 10th-level character entering the Aelvinnwode in northern Taeghas could walk for 19 hours and emerge anywhere along the Aelvinnwode's borders-as far away as northern Tuarhievel or even back where he started. During the time the character moves through the forest, he travels in a normal manner. He may make rest stops (for no more than fifteen or so minutes at a time) and have encounters, and he will pass through provinces one at a time. But at the moment his walk ends, he instantaneously teleports to his chosen destination. Note: The scion must decide his destination when he enters the forest. If he changes his mind during his forest walk, he may continue traveling normally or reenter the forest to begin a new forest walk. Scions possessing this ability at major or great power gain the benefits of the lesser powers as well. +2 to EPL on all adventures in forested provinces.
[+] Healing(Minor/Major/Great): Anduiras, Basaia, Reynir
The ancient powers were capable of miraculous feats of healing; some blooded characters have inherited these powers. A character gifted with healing as a minor ability can cure 1d6 points of damage plus 1 point per level on a single individual once per day. With the major ability, a healer can cure the same amount of damage and also cast (as a priest of 7th-level) remove paralysis plus cure disease or cure blindness. A healer with the great ability may cure 2d6 points of damage plus 2 points per level, plus can neutralize poison or use one of the major effects.
Reduce hits taken by the party on adventures: -1 hit at minor, -2 at major, -3 at great.
[+] Heightened Ability(Minor/Major/Great): ALL
The old powers each cherished different traits in their followers and embodied these characteristics. The resulting bloodlines often show near-divine examples of strength, intelligence, or beauty. A scion with this attribute raises one ability score by 1 points as a minor ability, two ability scores as a major, and increases both stats by 2 as a great ability. The increase also increases the maximum stat value by the same amount.
The abilities associated with each derivation are as follows: Anduiras-Strength or Charisma; Basaïa-Intelligence or Wisdom; Brenna-Dexterity or Intelligence; Reynir-Constitution or Strength; Vorynn-Wisdom or Constitution; Azrai-Intelligence or Charisma; Masela-Dexterity or Wisdom
[+] Home Hearkening(Major/Great): Brenna
A regent with this blood ability has an even stronger connection to the land and holdings he rules than do most regents. As a major ability, home hearkening remains a mostly dormant ability while everything goes well in the regent's domain. However, if any of the holdings experience a challenge or threat the regent immediately feels uncomfortable and needed. The feeling persists until the regent (or someone else) settles the matter. No range limit for this ability exists-as long as the regent lives and has access to this blood ability, he'll know when trouble threatens any of his holdings. +5 vs contest holding actions.
As a great ability, home hearkening enables the regent to do something about the situation from afar. Presumably, the regent maintains ties with family members, extremely close friends, vassals, and lieutenants within his realm. The regent can, after feeling the disquiet caused by unrest in a province or holding he controls, project this feeling and his desire for action to one of those people. No two-way communication is possible, but the regent empathetically may make his wishes made in a general way. +10 vs contest holding actions.
[+] Iron Will(Minor): Anduiras, Azrai, Reynir
Characters with iron will are tougher than ordinary characters. The mystic energy of their divine heritage allows them to persevere when lesser mortals tire or perish. This ability provides a character with the Endurance proficiency and 2 bonus hit points that are permanently added to his total. In addition, when faced with a mind-controlling spell such as domination or charm person, the character gains a +2 bonus to his saving throw. +2 hits on adventures.
[+] Invulnerability(Great): Azrai, Basaia, Vorynn
The blooded character that possesses this blood ability is not fully immortal, but he cannot be killed except under specific circumstances. This ability renders him immune to all spells and effects that use the Death Magic saving throw matrix. He is also immune to the effects of all poisons, no matter how virulent.
A character with invulnerability can be killed only under a particular set of deadly conditions which are unique for each blooded scion. If an NPC has this ability, the DM must decide what procedures must be accomplished for it to be slain. As an example, a being might need to be slain like so to bypass its invulnerability and end its life; "It must be reduced to less than -10 hit points, the head must be severed, and its heart must be removed from its chest. The parts must each be burned separately on open fires."
If even one of the proscribed steps is not done properly, the character regenerates one hit point each hour until it reaches one hit point. The normal healing process for that individual then takes over at that point. Unless it is truly destroyed, the blooded character does not lose any of its birthright or regency. Espionage - Assassinate automatically fails unless the method to kill the character is known.
[+] Light of Reason(Minor/Major/Great): Basaia
Characters with this ability can use the power of the former sun goddess to light their surroundings. A scion who calls upon this ability actually radiates light as described below. At minor power, this ability functions as a light spell with the scion as its center. The character can create a sustained glow of artificial light for a number of turns equal to the character's level. Scions may call on this ability up to three times per day. +2 to EPL for "Underground" adventures.
As a major ability, light of reason functions as above. In addition, once per day the scion can generate a brilliant instantaneous flash of light. Anyone within a 30-foot radius must succeed at a saving throw vs. paralyzation or suffer blindness for a number of rounds equal to half the character's level (round up). Scions with the light of reason at any degree (minor, major, or great) are immune to the effects of this flash when generated by themselves or another scion with the same ability. Other characters who anticipate the flash (such as fellow adventurers who have been warned) can avoid the effect by averting their eyes. +2 to EPL vs "Undead" adventures.
Scions with this ability at great power can generate both the sustained glow and the flash as described above. However, in doing so they actually radiate sunlight. This light affects undead and other creatures hindered by sunshine exactly as if it came directly from the sun itself. Undead units equal to character level have a 50% chance of dying in the first round of battle. This effects undead on any side in the battle.
[+] Longlife(Minor/Major/Great): ALL
With this ability, a blooded character enjoys a greatly increased life span, as the aging process is vastly slowed down. This does not protect a character form normal damage from combat or poisons, but simply postpones the ravages of age. A character with the minor ability ages only one year for every five that pass. A major long life sees a character age one year across 25 years. Characters with this great ability, like the Gorgon, are aging at a rate of only one year each century. Increasing the strength of long life will not retroactively apply. Therefore, it will only move you 1 step physically younger if you start with long life (minor), or 2 steps if you start with long life (major). However, once you do acquire it, your physical aging will slow as above.
[+] Major Regeneration(Great): Azrai, Reynir
This ability is available only to those blooded scions who also have the standard regeneration ability; this is simply an extended version of that ability. With this ability, an awnshegh or scion of Reynir can regenerate lost limbs, damaged organs and senses, and heal wounds much faster than normal or blooded beings. The character regains lost hit points at a rate of one per round. If limbs, organs, or senses were lost, they are restored in weeks (30 days, reduced by one day per Constitution point). This power, when used by a blooded character of Azrai, dramatically increases the speed of the transformation to awnshegh status, as restored limbs and senses are rarely those of the character's original race. +20 vs Espionage - Assassinate.
[+] Major Resistance(Minor/Major/Great): ALL
The resistance ability in the core rules outlines only the most common resistance to attacks or spells prevalent in each particular bloodline. Like the original ability, major resistance at minor rank affords 25% immunity, major rank allows 50% immunity, and a great rank major resistance grants the blooded scion 75% immunity to the noted effect. Again, this ability is most similar to the resistance an elf has to sleep and charm spells.
Below are additional resistances, and under each resistance are those bloodlines that have access to this major resistance.
Charm: This ability is identical to the elves' resistance to charm spells and spell-like effects or the standard resistance ability of the Anduiras bloodline. This further conveys resistance to the fear blood ability. New derivations: Azrai, Brenna, Reynir.
Magic: Like a number of rare creatures, this scion of the blood is naturally resistant to the effects of magic, whether from spells or items. This ability applies to all types of magic except blood abilities. Note: This ability is only accessible to those of Great bloodline rank or higher, and can be accessed only at Minor rank (25% magic resistance). New derivations: Anduiras, Azrai, Reynir, Vorynn.
Non-magical Attacks: Unlike the other major resistances, this ability does not immediately prevent attacks or effects from happening, but it does lessen their impact. Those same immunities per rank (25% / 50% / 75%) mark the amount by which damage from normal weapons or natural attacks are reduced. For example, an awnshegh with this ability at minor rank is damaged for 8 points of damage, but only 6 points are subtracted from its hit-point total (25% of 8 is 2). New derivations: Azrai, Brenna, Maesela.
Poison: If a character with this ability is exposed to any type of poison (by gas, venom, poisoned weapon, potion, etc.), he rolls to neutralize the poison outright according to his rank ability. If that roll fails, he still gains his saving throws vs. poison, at a +1 bonus per rank (+1/+2/+3). New derivations: Azrai, Basaïa, Brenna, Maesela, Reynir.
Bear in mind that blooded scions may have other types of resistance, but these abilities are currently limited enough to be considered unique to one family or bloodline
[+] Mebhaighl Sense(Minor/Major/Great): Vorynn
Scions with mebhaighl sense are particularly in tune with the natural magic of Cerilia. With a minor ability, the character can tell whenever someone casts any type of wizard or magician spell within a 100-yard radius. He feels a tug in the general direction of the spell casting, but gains no more information. +1 EPL on "Magical" adventures.
With the major power, the scion has access to the minor power but also gains the ability to determine what school of magic has been cast-immediately and instinctively. +2 EPL on "Magical" adventures.
With the great power, the scion gains both of the above abilities and can also sense wizard realm spells cast (and by whom) in any province in which he/she has a source.
[+] Persuasion(Major): Azrai, Brenna
Scions with this ability can create arguments of extreme clarity and logic, thereby influencing weaker creatures to do their will. The character may use a suggestion (as if cast by a 7th-level wizard) once per day against any creature of character level Hit Dice or less. To be successful, the victim must understand the language used by the scion. Your lieutenant limit is increased by one. You are able to do a FREE ACTION: Seek Lieutenant, once (this is assumed to have happened pre-game if you started with Charm Aura).
[+] Poison Sense(Minor): Azrai, Reynir
The blooded character automatically detects any poison or harmful substance within three feet of his person. He gains 25% chance to detect such agents within 10 feet. This ability is a natural, involuntary effort; just as a character would notice that food smelled rotten or wine had soured, he'll notice if it were poisoned. If the character ingests a poison despite this, he suffers the normal effects. +5 vs Espionage - Assassinate.
[+] Protection from Evil(Major): ALL, except Azrai
A scion with this power is warded by a 10-foot aura of protection equal to that surrounding a paladin. Evil creatures suffer a -1 penalty to attacks against the character, and cannot charm, magic jar, or dominate the scion unless he agrees to the act. Paladins who gain this ability radiate the effects to a 15-foot radius. +2 to ECL for "Outsider" and "Undead" adventures.
[+] Regeneration(Great): Azrai, Reynir
This powerful ability allows the scion to heal at an unnaturally rapid rate, recovering 1 hit point per hour. This enables the character to recover from otherwise permanent damage including deep wounds, burns, scars, blindness, lameness, etc. (but he cannot regenerate severed body parts or reverse magical conditions such as blindness or paralysis). In such cases, the scion recovers 1% of any lost ability per day. If the scion is blinded by physical injury, for example, he'll completely regain his eyesight in 100 days. A badly broken leg or severe internal injury might leave a normal man crippled for life, but the scion can recover from any injury given sufficient time.
An additional bonus is gained by characters using the optional rule Hovering on Death's Door in Chapter 9 of the DMG. When using these rules, the scion doesn't continue to lose hit points after his score has dropped below zero, although he dies if he is reduced to -10 hit points. +10 vs Espionage - Assassinate.
[+] Resistance(Minor/Major/Great): ALL
Some scions, depending on their derivation, demonstrate an unusual resistance to certain types of attacks or spells. Resistance as a minor ability provides a character with a 25% immunity to the stated effect; a major resistance grants a 50% immunity to the stated effect; and a great resistance provides a 75% immunity. These immunities function similarly to the elven resistances to sleep and charm spells.
Anduiras & Moradin: Scions of Anduiras are resistant to wizard spells of the enchantment/charm school, priest spells of the charm sphere, and similar spell-like powers. As the god of nobility and rulership, Anduiras himself could not be swayed or confused by such influences.
Azrai & Arawn: Azrai's blooded are able to resist necromancy spells and level draining attacks. Azrai's dark history makes them less susceptible to spells and effects that depend on the powers of darkness.
Basaïa & Architect: Light and fire based attacks or effects such as sunray, sunburst, burning hands, and fireball are less effective against descendants of Basaïa's blood. This resistance does not provide complete immunity from damage, but allows the scion to suffer only half the normal amount of damage. If a scion with this ability succeeds a saving throw to suffer only half damage from such a spell, he suffers a net result of one quarter of the total damage.
Brenna & Rhyel: Attempts to slow, entangle, hold, or otherwise magically restrain scions of Brenna's blood often fail. In the old legends, no god or mortal could lay a hand on Brenna unless she allowed it.
Masela & Nesirie: Masela's children resist water-based attacks and drowning. The character gains a permanent water breathing ability.
Reynir & Forester: Reynir's descendants are resistant to the effects of magical and mundane cold and hunger, and normal exposure and weather. This resistance does not provide complete immunity form damage, but allows the scion to suffer only half the normal amount of damage. If a scion with this ability succeeds a saving throw to suffer only half damage from such a spell, he suffers a net result of one quarter of the total damage.
Vorynn: As the patron of magic, Vorynn could ignore magical attacks. Descendants of Vorynn's blood are able to resist wizard spells of the invocation/evocation school. The scion's resistance functions like that of Reynir's blooded (half damage if applicable; quarter damage if save is successful).
[+] Shadow Form(Great): Azrai, Brenna
A scion with this power can change himself and anything he carries into living shadow once per day for 1 turn plus 1 round per level. In this form, he appears exactly as a shadow, is two dimensional, and is invisible when he is able to lurk in shadows. He can climb or cross any surface (including vertical and horizontal surfaces, bodies of water, sides of buildings, a field of spike stones) without hindrance, as easily as a shadow falls across the floor.
A character in shadow form cannot affect his environment; for example, he cannot make attacks, cast spells, pick up objects, open doors, or pick locks. Shadow form does not change the character's size or shape or allow him to fly. While in shadow form, the scion can be struck only by magical weapons. Undead ignore the character, assuming him to be one of their own. +2 ECL for "Undead" adventures, and +5 to all Espionage.
[+] Sea Song(Major): Maesela
Characters with this ability have a particular affinity for the water and the sea. They can, on occasion, interpret the "song of the sea" to gain news and information from bodies of water. The scion must stand near or in a large body of water-such as a bay, sea, ocean, lake, or large river. The scion can then ask questions of the water, in much the same manner a priest asks questions with a commune spell. The questions need to have simple answers (preferably "yes" or "no" answers; otherwise the response will be vague), and they must pertain to the water itself or lands touched directly by the body of water. Note: The ability's area of effect is limited to single bodies of water, not other bodies they might empty into or adjoin. For example, using sea song to talk to the water in the Dwarfhame (an inlet on the eastern coast of the Krakennauricht) does no good if the scion seeks news concerning the coastal provinces of Kiergard-he'd have to talk to the waters of the Dauren Arm instead. The scion may invoke this ability once per week for every three levels of experience he has attained, and ask one question per experience level. The water answers as truthfully as it can, but sometimes errs. In general, the water "knows" more about water-related things: whether ships sail on its surface, certain fish swim within it, or whether a sea storm is brewing. FREE Scry - Province (Coastal) as per Wizard Spell 1/turn.
[+] Touch of Decay(Great): Azrai
A character with this ability can destroy inanimate objects with a mere touch. Metal rusts, stone crumbles to sand, and wood rots to pulp. The scion can use this power once per day and can affect up to 10 cubic feet plus 1 cubic foot per level. The effect is nearly instantaneous, and any item touched must save versus disintegration or be destroyed. If used against the weapons or armor of an enemy, the scion must succeed an attack roll to activate the power. This ability tends to manifest accidentally about once per month, possibly destroying items the character does not wish to ruin.
[+] Travel(Great): Azrai, Basaia, Brenna, Maesela, Vorynn
This potent ability allows a scion to use a limited form of teleportation based on his derivation. Anything the character wears or carries is teleported with him, and the character may take one companion with him per level. Acharacter may use this power once per week per five levels; thus characters of levels 1-4 may teleport once per week, characters of levels 5-9 may teleport twice per week, etc. The character must know his destination through a prior visit or by using some form of magical viewing or scrying to study the area before invoking this power.
Azrai: Azrai's scions can enter the Shadow World between sunset and sunrise, gaining the ability to shadow walk in the same manner as halflings. The character must find a place of intersection where the Shadow World is near; this can be accomplished by means of various spells or by the blood ability enhanced sense.
Basaïa: Basaïa's descendants travel by stepping from flame to flame. A scion must enter a fire large enough to immerse his entire body, and must emerge from a fire of similar size. The scion isn't harmed by the transition, but others following him must protect themselves.
Brenna: A scion of Brenna who stands on any road, path, or trail can travel to any point on that same road or any road that splits from it. Generally, this allows travel from any part of Cerilia to almost any destination on the continent.
Masela: Masela's children can travel across bodies of water. By standing in the shallows of a river, lake, or sea, the blooded character can move to any point on its shore.
Vorynn: A character of Vorynn's line can travel at moonrise or moonset to any destination. The timing is crucial, the character has only about ten minutes per day in which this ability will function.
[+] Unreadable Thoughts(Minor): ALL
A scion with this ability is protected from ESP, telepathy, empathy, and other spells and effects that permit someone else to determine what he is thinking, feeling, or planning. If a scion with the character reading blood ability encounters a scion with unreadable thoughts, the effects cancel each other out. +5 to Espionage - Province, allows 1 Spy Ring.
[+] Wither Touch(Major/Great): Azrai
Wither touch desiccates and withers living tissue on contact. The scion affects only extremities like arms or legs, but its effects are the same no matter the target. When touched by this major ability, a victim must save vs. polymorph or suffer 1d8 points of damage; the affected limb is emaciated, and full use of it is impossible for 1d6 days. A character's Strength is reduced by an amount equal to the damage to a minimum score of 2. If the blighted limb is not removed, healed, or regenerated by blood ability in 2d4 days, the victim permanently loses the ability to fully use the limb, and a character's Strength remains permanently reduced.
At great rank, wither touch emaciates an entire creature and initially reduces Strength and hit points by 2d6 points each. It also forces victims to save vs. death magic once each day. If this saving throwis failed, the victim dies. This blight can be cured by healing or regeneration, but if this isn't done within 2d4 days, the creature is permanently emaciated and reduced in Strength. At that time, no further saves vs. death magic are needed as the curse has run its course. Both ranks of wither touch are usable only once per week.

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