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[+] Free Actions
Build: (road, misc. buildings, naval units) - Choose a Build Speed.
Fast: d6+3, 2 wasted (net increase of 3GB per turn at a cost of 5GB)
Normal: d6
Slow: d4
Very Slow: d2
Decree: 1GB, you issue a decree.  You cannot use a decree to suppress trade, or set up State X. You can end official State X Status via decree. You can decree tax on trade, at no more than 100% of the trade value of your side of the trade route.  A Decree is only a free action if you have at least Court 1.  It becomes a full action if you don't. Law may decree to prevent Guild/Temple regents mustering in provinces they are active (up to Law level blocked).
Disband: Free
Fortify Province/Holding Base Cost: None
Effect: Increase fortification on one holding/province.  See build action for possible speeds.  Maintenance Cost: 1GB per fort.
See Raid Action and Contest Action below for further impacts.
Grant: GB transfer between two characters.  Cost, whatever is transferred.  YOU CANNOT GRANT MILITARY UNITS
Increase/Decrease Court: You may increase/decrease the size of your court by 1.
Levy Province: Reduces province by 1, and provides levies equal to the level of the province.  May only be done once per turn. Note that when you levy a province, any holding levels that drop as a result, stay lowered after the levies return home. Reduces loyalty 1 step. Your own holdings are the first to lose levels!
Move: Terrain Movement Costs
Muster: You may muster levies at 1GB/levy.  Upgrading them will require training (as per war rules thread). You may muster up to your holding or province level (though always globally capped at province level, per province. Priority for conflicting orders will be law--province--temple--guild.
Share Maps: You may exchange maps freely, at no cost.
Raise Bloodline: Cost, New Bloodline in RP.
Burn Bloodline: You may NOT burn bloodline this game.
Full Actions
[+] Agitate
Base Cost: 1GB (can make admin check for each province after first, to reduce cost)
DC: 10+Level of Province
Modifiers: Law and Temple Holding can support or oppose.  Province owner can bid GB and RP against your action.  You can bid GB/RP to increase success chances.
Effect: You can increase, or decrease, the loyalty of a province by 1 step.  You can also shift it's alignment by 1 step.  You can Agitate any province in which you have a holding, though only Law and Temples count towards the DC. Success by 10 or more moves loyalty by two steps.

A Lieutenant can only Agitate in 1 province.
Adventure Action: See Adventure Rules

Cast Realm Spell
As per Priest or Wizard Rules Page
> Lieutenants with bloodlines can cast realm spells as lieutenant actions, though they may NOT bid extra RP on spells.

Normal Contests: Each success transfers 1 holding level [so long as of the same type as contesting holding, ie law v non law only destroy, do not replace]
Contest - Law v Law, Temple v Temple, Guild v Guild, Source v Source:
DC 10+Target_holding level; Law may support or oppose any contest action (except Source)
Base Cost: NewLevel RP

Contest - Law v NonLaw (except Sources)
Base Cost: 1RP
DC: 10+Level of Holding-Law Level

Law may target any holding (except Sources) and the province itself if it is in rebellion. NB: You then need to use an investiture action with support of a Temple 1 to divest the province.  All other holdings may only target holding of same type.  Add 2x fortification level of holding to the DC.  Provincial fortification prevents a province from being contested through a contest action.

Contesting a Holding 0
DC 10-Your Holding Level
Cost: 1RP

Contesting a holding 0 destroys it.

Modifiers: Law or Holding of same type can support or oppose.  You can bid RP to increase or decrease success chances.
* A Regent can realm contest: Contest all of the same type of a holding (as allowed by their own holding), or all holdings in a province (if via Law).
* A Lieutenant cannot realm contest

Create Holding:
Base Cost: 1GB (2GB for secret)
DC: 10+ (15+ for secret)
Modifiers: Law or Holding of same type can support or oppose. You can bid RP to increase or decrease success chances. Law does not impact the creation of Sources.
NB: You can generically oppose all attempts to create a Secret Holding with holding levels.
[+] Create Trade Route
Base Cost: 1GB, 1RP (2GB, 2RP for a Smuggler's trade route)
DC: 10+
Modifiers: Law or guild at either end can support or oppose. You can bid RP to increase or decrease success chances.  If agreeing to split TR income by using an allied guild at each end, requires a diplomacy action by both guilders involved. You cannot create a trade route from/to a Province 0. A Source 7 can be used to create trade routes, even in a province 0.

In order to destroy trade routes, you must remove the guilds they were built from, or you may occupy a province and destroy trade routes that way. You can alternatively also contest them with a guild or law holding. If the trade route does not have the guild on both sides of the trade route, a holder of a guild can destroy a foreign trade route as a free action.

Smuggler's Trade Route:
Base DC: 20
Modifiers: Law or guild at either end can support or oppose. You can bid RP to increase or decrease success chances.
You do not require a guild at both ends, but if the trade route is discovered, it can be suppressed by the guilder at the terminus point as a free action.
Declare War: (Target)
Base Cost: 1GB
Result: You can move armies into and through Target enemy territory for the remainder of the turn.

Diplomacy: (Target)
Base Cost: 1 GB.  
Further costs based on Negotiation.
- Alliance (npc/player)
- Loan (npc/player)
- Realm Spell (NPC)
- Flag holding or unit as belonging to another party.  Requires both parties participate by spending a diplomacy action each.
- Exchange Explored Maps [this is a free action!]
- NB: You may conduct Court+1 diplomatic actions per turn free, minus 1 per permanent treaty you have (Alliances).
[+] Espionage
You May use GB as Counter-Espionage. You may bid GB on all espionage actions. All Espionage can be bid against by the target of the espionage. ie, spy rings, spies, smuggler trade routes, hidden holdings. All can bid their counter-espionage against being discovered.

Espionage - Assassination (cannot be used to divest)
Base Cost: 1 GB
DC: 20+
Opposition/Support: Guild/Law in province targeted can support or oppose. This takes place in the target's capital unless they are explicitly leading troops in war, at which point it takes place in the province they are fighting in.
Effect: If you succeed, you engage your fellow PC in a combat of equal footing. If you fail by greater than 15, you automatically die in the attempt at the hands of the target. If you fail by 15 or less; the target has up to 3 rounds to prepare, or wins initiative for up to 3 rounds or can avoid the attempt entirely, at their choice (they get 1 round per 5 you fail by). For each 5 you beat the DC by, you automatically win initiative for a round, or get 1 round of preparation.

Espionage - Escape Capture
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 15+
Modified by your bonuses to espionage (province), and modded against it by the holder's resistance to espionage (province).
No penalties for distance/culture, language. No bonus for holdings in any province.

Espionage - Flag holding/units
Base Cost: 1GB
DC: 10+
Effect: you may flag a holding or military units as belonging to another party. The other party's counter espionage may be set to bid against this action. Obviously, they will also "know" that the holding/unit doesn't belong to them, while it is of course up to them to try to convince anyone of that fact.

Espionage - Plant Spy
Base Cost: 1GB
DC: 15
Modifiers: Law/Guilds in same province may support or oppose efforts. Anyone with a Law/Guild in the province, or the one targeted (or the one performing the action) can bid on it. If successful, the spy will forward ALL mail communication travelling to/from the spied upon court. You can also Plant Spy in an alliance forum, targeting the Province where the alliance is based (in this case, the owner of the target province can bid against it, along with anyone with Law or Guilds in the province).

Planted spies last until an Espionage - Province in the capital, or Alliance Forum, uncovers their existence. It is temporarily suppressed by Honest Dealings.

Espionage (Province)
Base Cost: 1GB
DC: 10+province level
Modifiers: Law/Guilds holdings can oppose or support this action. Anyone with a holding (or spy ring) in the province can bid against it's success. A success reveals any hidden holdings, any spy-ring, as well as any military units in the province at the time of the action. It also reveals the true owner of any flagged holdings or units. Also used for general espionage or investigation into crimes, leads, etc - in the province in question.

Espionage - Spy Ring (province)
Base Cost: 1GB
DC: 10+
Modifiers: Law/Guilds in same province may support or oppose efforts.
Result: A spy ring allows 1 free action espionage/turn in the province in question.

Can be removed by a successful Espionage (Province) - the first reveals the Spy Ring, another Espionage (Province) can be used to destroy it. You may also destroy a revealed Spy Ring by military action.

Espionage - Sabotage Unit
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 5*(tier) - [ie, 5 for levies, 10 for irregulars, 15 for infantry, 20 for cavalry, 25 for elite infantry, etc]
Modifiers: Must have a Guild, or Spy Ring, in the province espionage being used. The character undertaking the espionage, and the owner of the unit, may bid for/against the action. Guild and Law levels can support/oppose the attempt.

Espionage - Sabotage Fortification
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 10+5/fort level
Modifiers: Law/Guilds in province may support/oppose. Castle owner may bid against the espionage. The character undertaking the espionage may bid for it. Success means a reduction by 1 level for the fortifications in the province.

Espionage - Sabotage Building
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 15
Modifiers: Law/Guilds in province may support/oppose. Building owner may bid against the espionage. The character undertaking the espionage may bid for it. Success means a reduction by 1 level of the building.

Espionage - Theft!
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 10+
Modifiers: Law/Guilds in capital of target may support/oppose. Theft may only be done in the capital of the target. For each point you beat the target DC, you steal 2GB. NB: Treasuries protect GB from theft up to their limits, and no matter how much you beat the DC by, you cannot steal GB protected by the Treasury Building.

Espionage - Theft (Item)
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 15+
Modifiers: Law/Guilds in capital of target may support/oppose. Theft of Items may only be done in the capital of the target.

Espionage - Create Random Event!
Base Cost: 1GB
DC 10+
Modifiers: Law/Guilds may support or oppose. The target must have a holding (or own the province) in the target province. Success means you create a random event. Sufficient success means you can narrow down the scope of what event occurs (for every 1 you beat the DC by, you can remove 1 potential event option from the D20).
Forge Ley Line
Cost: 1GB/province crossed, 1RP/province crossed
DC: 10+
Modifiers: DC is modified by sources in the start/last point.  May be bid against by any wizard with a source along the route traveled.  Provinces in between the start/finish of the leyline do not count has having a ley line unless another Forge Ley Line action is taken to add a hook-up. You may not forge a leyline to a province where you do not have a source.
Maintenance Cost: None

Base Cost: 1GB
DC: 10+Level of Province
Modifiers: The owner of the province may bid against the action, as may any holder of law holdings in the province in question.  You can bid RP to increase success chances.  This action requires a Priest with a temple 1 in the province to perform.  You may only invest 1 province per action.  You may NOT use military occupation to divest a holding.  The only thing that can be divested via occupation is the province itself, as long as you have an allied temple 1 in the province who conducts the investiture.  You must also have occupied the province for a whole turn.  You CANNOT divest holdings via occupation.

If a willing transfer, this action requires both parties to spend a domain action to be successful and a Priest to conduct as a free action.

Investiture - Transfer RP
Base Cost: RP being transferred
Requirements: Priest must conduct (free action for priest).  Both parties involved must spend a domain action on the RP transfer, unless one is a vassal of the other.
[+] Raid Action
Base Cost: 0GB
DC: 5 (Base)
- Trade Route Income (it is easier to pick off straggling wagons, boats in large convoys)
+ (2x Fortification level)
+ Terrain Defense Modifier (not racial modifier)
- Lowest move in raiding units (The faster the raiding units can move the more likely they are to avoid patrols)
+ Highest move in defending units (Fast moving defenders can catch raiding units)
- # of raiding units with the Scout special (Trained scouts are good at avoiding defenders)
+ # of defending units with the Scout special (Scouts are good at spotting raiders)
+ 5x Watchtower level (Spots incoming raiders)

Note: Max # of units that can raid is the value of the trade route.

Success gets you 1GB, + 1GB per 5 you succeed by per raiding unit. You may only steal 2GB per unit you send.

You also gain 1 Resource carried on the trade route per 5 you beat the DC by, but no more than 1 resource per unit sent.
Note: 1 Resource is sufficient to use for a build action, or for a train action (ie, 1 wood could be used to help build a Granary if you have alternative access to stone, or to train 1 archer).

The Raid can target any province which the trade route passes through.

Failure deals 1 hit per amount you fail the action by. You deal no hits to the defenders.

Naval Raid:
+1 to DC per Longship tier assigned to the trade route
-1 to DC per longship tier raiding the trade route
-1 to DC per boarding counter of loaded units on raiding ships
+2 to DC per Caravel/Dhoura/Cog tier assigned to the trade route
-2 to DC per Caravel/Dhoura/Cog tier raiding the trade route
+3/-3 as per above, for Galleon/Zebec/Roundship...
Base Cost: 1GB
Can be used to research Realm spells (DC 10+Caster Level of spell), or used for more mundane research.  You may also use it to research normal personal spells (5 spell levels, or 5x(Library_Level+1) spell levels).

Rule Holding
Base Cost: 1GB (2GB for secret), NewLevel RP (2x NewLevel RP for secret) (Except ruling to 1: costs 0)
DC: 10+NewLevel (15+ New Level for secret)
Modifiers: Law or Holding of same type can support or oppose. Your OWN holding being ruled, does not support the action. Law does not effect Source Ruling You, or anyone with a law or same type of holding, can bid RP to increase or decrease success chances.
* A Regent can realm rule holdings: They can rule all of the same holding type, or all their holdings in one province.
* A Lieutenant cannot realm rule.

Rule Province
Base Cost: NewLevel GB & RP (Except ruling to 1: costs 0 RP)
DC: 5 + (2x Current Province Level) + (2x Movement Cost)
Modifiers: Source levels can oppose.  Source holders may also bid RP against it.  You may only rule provinces during the Summer Season (Turn).
Restriction: May only be used during the Summer seaon.  You may not bid to increase success.  See "Population Growth Spell" for methods to increase success chance.  You need a Granary I to rule a province to 4, and a Granary II to rule a province to 5, and a Granary III for a province 6 (assuming the province is capable of reaching these levels, see terrain modifiers).

Seek Lieutenant
Cost: 1GB
Effect: Gain a random unblooded lieutenant of level 1.  Class will be determined randomly unless recruited from an Academy.  Stats will always be determined randomly.
[+] Settling Provinces/Settlers
Base Cost to Create/Settle: 1GB
- 1 Settler for a Province 0, 1 additional Settler for a Province 1. 2 Settlers further for a Province 2.
- You cannot use settlers to "settle" Provinces 3+ (so, limited to settling up to province 2)
- This is the only way to "claim" unsettled provinces.
- Create/Settle Province Action DC: 0+(2x Current Province Level) + (2x Terrain Movement Cost) [so yes, Creating and Settling a Province 1 have the same DC]
- Rule Province DC: 5+(2x Terrain Movement Cost)+(2x CurrentProvinceLevel)

+2 to Create/Settle/Rule Province for each failed attempt

Settling Rules:
Instead of ruling a province during Summer, you may elect to "Raise Settlers" as an action. This raises Province_Level Settlers (ie, Province 0: 0, Province 1: 1, Province 2: 2 ... etc)
NB: You may only do one of RULE PROVINCE or RAISE SETTLERS in a province, during the summer turn.
NB2: You cannot Settle a province during the winter.
NB3: You cannot Settle a province above Province 2 (ie, you need to use RULE PROVINCE to hit Province 3)

Settling XP:
500 for Province 0
1000 for Province 1
2000 for Province 2
250 per Settler raised

Cost to Recruit Settlers: 1GB per action
Cost to Settle: 1GB per action

NB: Settling or Ruling a province will decrease loyalty 1 step (settling to 0 won't). You cannot Settle, or Rule, a Province which has Poor or Rebellious Loyalty. A newly settled Province 0 will start with Loyalty High.

Note: Settling or Ruling provinces follow the same penalties for language, culture, alignment, as any other action.
Train Military Units
Effect: Gain 1 train-point per WP, plus 2 per level of Training Grounds YOU control.  Training Points are spent to upgrade military units (see Military Rules).  NB: You CANNOT train units belonging to someone else, nor can you use someone else's Training Grounds.

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:20 pm

[+] Action XP estimate
Create Trade Route: 500 per GB value
Create Holding: 1000 {if successful} (1500 for secret holdings)
Contest Holding: 500 per level of contested holding {if successful}
Rule Holding: 500 per new_level {if successful}
Rule Province: 750 per new_level {if successful}
Population Growth: 750 per new_level {if successful}
Agitate: 500 per province {if successful}
Raid Province: 250 per GB stolen, or level of holding targeted for contest {if successful}
Bless Province: 300 per province [+150 per GB you make from the spell] *
Ward Province: 750 per province
Gold Rush: 500 (per target)
Maintain Armies: 250 per unit
Forge Leyline: 100 per province crossed (not including origin point)
Espionage: 500 {if successful} [varies by type, 500 * (level+1) of unit sabotaged for example, 250XP per GB stolen]
Fortify: 500 per fortification action
Build Building: 50
Build Palace: 50x level
Build Ship: 50x Ship Cost
Muster/Upgrade Military Unit: 100x Cost
Increase Bloodline: 100 x New Bloodline
[+] City Rules
Required: City Infrastructure (20GB building)
Required: Province 5
Required: Racial Favored Terrain
Can only be done in Summer, DC 15
Cost: 5GB, 5RP

Province splits into a City 5, and surrounding Province 1/(Source level max as it was before City Founding)
Surrounding Province can be ruled to 2, max.
City has Urban Terrain type (ie no resource generation).
City can have 4 Trade Routes (2 Land / 2 Sea); An Island City (which occupies the entire island itself) can have 3 sea routes.
Trade Routes that already exist in province, at creation, can be directed as chosen by Trade Route Owner (whether it redirects to the City or the Surrounding Province).
Buildings: Accompany City
NB: The City will Require Grain access within 1(!) turn, or it will shrink to 4 as "people move back to the country-side".
City Max will also be reduced by 1 due to Tundra.

City has max source level 0
City has max population +1 [ie humans, Plains 8; other races, favored terrain 7]
Hospital V: City has max population +2 (already includes base +1 bonus in this number)

DC to rule Cities: As per normal based on Province Level
[+] Court Effect/Action Modifiers
Court: You may take actions up to 1+Court Level provinces away from your Capital.
You require a Court 1 in order to issue decrees/perform grants as a FREE ACTION.

Court Cost: 1GB/Court level (max 10) [Wizards may have an RP court, but the court level only influences source actions.]

Moving your Court/Capital: Your Court/Capital can only be moved by building a Palace in a different province. If you no longer have any holdings in your designated capital, it will automatically move to the nearest province.

Action Modifiers: If you do not speak the language of the culture in a province you will suffer a -2 to all actions in the province. If you are a different race then the province you are acting in, suffer a -2 to all actions in the province (stacks with not speaking the language). If you are a different human culture, you suffer -1. Half-X suffer a -1 in both halves, and a -2 in non-culture human provinces.

If you are not the same alignment as the province along one axis, you suffer a -1 to the action. If you are different on both axis, you suffer a -2 on the action.

Province Loyalty:
Provinces below "Average" Loyalty, cannot be ruled or settled.

Loyalty has no direct impact on action DC (ie, High doesn't give a +1 to ruling holdings/provinces).
[+] Contesting
DC(base, 10 usually) + Holding/Province Level Penalty + Language Penalty + Culture/Race Penalty +/- Supporting/opposing Holdings - NWP (please list, eg LAW 16, AGRICULTURE 16) - Misc Bonus (describe/blood ability? Artifact? etc) = X+

... Clarify:
- Your own Holding does not support the Rule of the same type of holding (eg Law 3->4 isn't DC DC14-3(law holding))
- Law holdings can support the creation/rule of other holdings. Does not grant a bonus on Rule/Settle Province??? (Maybe it could, as a benefit of being a Law holder, I suppose)
[+] State X
Officially Recognized Benefit: +2 vs Contesting.  May exchange RP without requiring an action.
Action: Requires a Domain Action to confirm

Unofficial Benefits (if you have 50%+1 of the holdings in a Realm): If province owner (or another State Law/Faith/Guild/Wizard) attempts to occupy and destroy your holdings, the armies have a chance to defect.  DC to save, for each unit involved, will be D10 v DC(10-Tier).  

Example: 3 Cavalry, and 2 Archers attempt to occupy a Temple belonging to the predominant faith.  Each unit would roll (DC10-4=6+ for cavalry, and DC10-3=7+ for archers).  In this example, a cavalry and both archers defect!  Suddenly, the remaining 2 cavalry are fighting their former comrades, and are forced from the field.  The defecting units remain defected until a formal diplomacy action is taken to end the conflict.
Critical Success: On a roll of a natural 20, the action automatically succeeds (for rule/create/contest actions - this is not true for Espionage Actions, where 20 is simply a value that determines the outcome).  Any RP bid on the action will be disregarded.
Note: This does not apply on Rule Province in relation to Population Growth - that cost is still spent.

Divesting Provinces
1. Occupy province for a full turn.  Local priest (temple 1+) supports you, you are able to use divestiture action [priest casts]
2. Province level 0 - occupy for a full turn, you take it over
3A. Agitate to rebellion, contest with law, province becomes uncontrolled.  You are able to use divestiture action [priest required]
3B. Agitate to rebellion, contest with law, province becomes uncontrolled.  Occupy the province for 1 turn. You are able to use divestiture action [no priest required]
4. A Contested province may be invested to the contesting party by a local priest (temple 1+). If the Province is level 0, no Priest is required.
5. Occupy a province for Province_Level+1 Turns, can divest with no temple support.
6. You occupy territory, the ruler of said territory signs a treaty and recognises your right to rule / cedes you the province.  Any priest assists.

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:25 pm

Max #
Province: 1 Land, 1 Sea
City: 2 Land, 2 Sea
Single Province Island: 2 Sea routes (no Land)

"Chain Routes"
Rogue Class characters can 'Chain' Trade routes.  They can Chain up to length 1+ Level / 3 (rounded UP).  Eg, Level 4-6 = Chain of 3, Level 7-9 = Chain of 4.

So, Chain Length 2 means:
A -> B -> C
D -> E -> C

A&B: Resources from A/B/C
D&E: Resources from C/D/E
C: Resources from A/B/C/D/E

Chain Length 3 means:
A->B, B->C, C->D (A -> B -> C -> D)

All 4 have resources available from any of those provinces.

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:30 pm

Lieutenants on Adventures:
Just reiterating a rule that got lax - you CANNOT send Lieutenants on someone else's adventure, without spending an action yourself to send them. This will re-take effect starting next turn.

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:06 am

Levy vs Muster, and order of Priority:

Levy: Only Province owners may Levy a province (Subversion could be used to force a province levy).
Muster Order of Priority: Law, Province, State Faith, State Guild, Temple, Guild.

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Sat May 25, 2019 1:16 pm

Transferring Settlers
Requires the use of an investiture action

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:07 am

Any non-designated heir investiture (via death of regent), will have a 1RP per holding level or province level, cost.

The costs default to the receiving party, though negotiations regarding the transfer can move the cost to any participating party.
General Guide on Action Modifiers:
While I understand the rationale for why certain spells should, or could, modify the DC of actions, for ease of managing - we should stick to a consistent approach.
Personal Spell Abilities do not modify the DC; ie Comprehend Language/Tongues, Know Culture, etc
If you need to rejig some NWP because you relied on spells being able to overcome DCs, you can opt to pick up Language NWPs.
(I am aware this contradicts prior rulings re Tongues/Comprehend)

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Sat Aug 22, 2020 10:13 pm

Province 4+: All require grain to be maintained. They can go Granary Level Turns without grain, before they will drop back down a level.

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:51 pm

Court Range/Court Rules (Diaspora V):
There is a court
Your Action Range is 1+Court Level provinces from your Capital.
Build Limit is 1+Court Level buildings can be ongoing at a time.
Note: Palace does not take up a Build Slot

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Re: Actions

Post by DM Juan » Sun Nov 21, 2021 10:25 pm

Non-Domain Characters:
Do not need a Court, can take actions anywhere on the map (they are "itinerant wanderers")

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