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Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:24 am
by TH - The Hunt
It's convenient for you to say now that Areida was going to receive land and holdings, but you made no suggestion of it, before during, or after. If you had--and Areida could move her people--then you could have gotten her as a vassal. (Assuming Rogr managed to present himself as honourable, despite himself.) Though, Krake pointed out that you could have done that by helping her. There was, after all, an island she already had exclusive control over, contested by an army that in the end had only the bare minimum number of units required to occupy it. A single unit of infantry could have turned the tide with ease. But, clearly making a small investment for a large return is the sort of thing that would have broken Rogr's emotional gasket.

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:35 am
by TF - The Fortress
MF - Morcuan the Fay wrote:
Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:13 am
No, moron. AF's troops didn't board because the only circumstance under which she could board without violating her code of honour was the one in which she could take control of the fleet and use it to defend her people. You failed to describe it, so it looked like you'd sent a reasonable transport fleet. What you'd really sent was a fleet more than twice the size of Areida's army, with the excess ships loaded with marines.

Even if she could accept your offer in without betraying her people and losing her paladin status, the stupid huge fleet demonstrated that Rogr himself was a paranoid weakling who was overcompensating for something and she would have refused to board in disgust regardless. If he'd been brave enough to resist her attempts to betray him without the use of overwhelming force, or if he'd been shrewd enough to split his fleet so that Areida wouldn't get to see the ones full of marines until they reached open sea, then you might have been able to capture her. As it was, you blundered in-character--and out-of-character, you blundered by failing to adequately describe the fleet you had actually sent.

I understand part of the reason you sent such a huge fleet is because you didn't want the other navies in the area to get any ideas, but you spoiled your own game by trying too hard to win, just like always.

I was wondering what was taking you so long.
So you literally state you wanted to seize Rogr's fleet, but call me a moron because I didn't fall for your shenanigans? So Rogr is a paranoid weakling because he knew you wouldn't follow through on AFs end of the deal and because he actually could have invaded her and destroyed her army at any point and chose not to? It wasn't about winning, it was about ensuring AF didn't run off with anything as she had demonstrated an ability to lie and misplace facts left and right. Throw in her earlier statements to him as to why she thought it was okay to take from others to serve herself, it sounds like Rogr listened to her and ensured he wasn't going to be taken advantage of.

There was no blunder. It was a truth moment for AF, did she actually come through and do what she promised, or did she flake out like Namel had. She flaked out as expected unfortunately.

And "If he'd been brave enough to resist her attempts to betray him without the use of overwhelming force" --- are you serious? What kind of world do you live in? One of the classic military maxims taught at the best military combat courses and schools across the world indicate you should always amass overwhelming force when you expect combat. Anything less and you inhibit the ability of the commander on the ground or at sea to quickly and decisively bring about the total capitulation or destruction of the enemy. If you're going to wage war and lead people into battle, you do it with such decisive and overwhelming force as can be mustered. This results in a quicker war, less damage to infrastructure, and generally (there are always exceptions in war) keeps civilian casualties to a minimum.

As for the province and holdings, AF would first have had to follow through on her agreement for vassalage as she had agreed to. No point discussing future state when it wasn't even a certainty that AF would even follow through on her agreement and even show up for the investiture. You get what you paid for. AF paid nothing. She got nothing.

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:44 am
by WM - The Waste Mage

If you remove all the letters that are the same what you have left are the letters: tangnum

If you rearrange those letters you get nutmagn... which is almost nutmeg, the best flavor for muffins. You just need to get rid of the a and the n.... the first two letters of ANUIREAN! And then you need an E which is the first letter in enormous and eater.

So you need an enormous Anuirean who eats muffins...

It's all so obvious now. It's science. You just have to follow the logic.

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:45 am
by TF - The Fortress
Oh and here's after....
[+] Turn 9 - Flight - Rogr to Krake
John Wright <>
Sun, Jul 7, 2019, 6:01 PM
to Amy, Juan

A message reaches Krake on the run after he has departed Ezbrya and been turned away from Riven.


While I believe you will not respond to this, if you wish to prove you are not affiliated with the Sea Sidhe, bring Areida Faderan in chains to Gravenport. You will be rewarded with blood, land, and holdings.

This is a one time offer, made with a sincere desire to believe you are your own man and not still Faderan's agent nor an agent of the Unseelie.

By my hand,

Rogr Smith,
Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Mieres"'s like everything you say 'if only X had been offered or Y had been done' actually was offered and done -- yet you chose to have your characters ignore those offers since you wanted to obsess on the Isle of Deeds.

Anyways, have fun spinning this again :)

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:51 am
by TH - The Hunt
No, you're not a moron because you didn't fall for it, you're a moron because you thought Areida refused to board on account of Rogr's alleged shrewdness, rather than his lack thereof and the blatant posturing he substituted for it. I just explained how you could have actually pulled it off if you weren't relying on OOC omission or IC intimidation instead of something more functional.

Rogr is a paranoid weakling because his solution to the problem he supposedly predicted was to use overwhelming force. Even though this defeated the purpose, because it both showed that he had the ability to help and wasn't using it and that Areida made him so uncomfortable he needed her to be outnumbered by his sailors three or four to one before he'd be comfortable in not potentially losing even a single ship. Did you know it would have been difficult for Areida to capture the ships even if you had no marines and no ships that her soldiers weren't on? It's a bit strange, but Juan was going to run it as normal boarding combat, meaning your sailors would have gotten the same advantages they would have had against boarders coming from an enemy ship in mid-combat.

There's so much more garbage of yours to unpack, there, but all this noise is off-topic, we've gone over it before, and the majority of the players here don't care. So, let's Keep It Simple. Stop trying to drag the world into your version of reality. If you don't, it will go only one of two ways. Either the world falls on top of you, or it leaves you behind. No matter how hard you try, it's never going to fit.

If you can handle it, explore the world beyond yourself, instead. If you can't, keep your fantasies to yourself and just cope. That's my advice.

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:57 am
by TH - The Hunt
Okay, one more, one more bite of the apple. Let's assume amassing overwhelming force is indeed a good idea, and you've done it. Deploying that force altogether, in full view, at the the most forward position possible, with nothing concealed or in reserve, is not the same thing.


Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:58 am
by WM - The Waste Mage
And Nutmeg is pollinated by beetles, thrip and/or flies....NOT BEES!!! Holy FUCK!

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 4:02 am
by TF - The Fortress
*GASP* Wait, you mean a merchant didn't want to risk losing a single ship? And as he had indicated before, he wasn't going to help without getting paid? Holy crap Batman! You mean the Guilder actually wanted to get paid and doesn't do things out of the kindness of his heart?

And no, you explained what you wanted -- not that it would have done anything different. Your troops would have died on the boarding attempt and maybe taken a ship or two with Rogr is out resources for nothing. I didn't fall for your shenanigans because I can see the stupid shit going on in your head and wouldn't have any of it :)

You are right, most don't care -- but the back and forth has been entertaining while I am in recovery. I needed the smiles and laughs you bring with your attempts to spin and change what happened to suit your personal desires. It's always fun to watch you dig holes :)


And who said there wasn't a reserve force? I had extra ships patrolling other sea zones as well :)

And in any event, Rogr lost zero troops and zero ships. The remainder of AF's army was obliterated via suicide though. So I would chalk that up as a mercantile win (no losses on the books). If AF had pulled her head out of her butt and actually gone through with the agreement, AF and Rogr would have come out with a clear profit in the long-term (it would've taken a few turns to materialize, but we call that a return on investment).

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 4:11 am
by TH - The Hunt
Awfully convenient that your character flaws line up so perfectly with those of your characters.

The way you write makes it clear you are, in fact, scared, here... I can't divine what you're scared of, but, at a guess, you're mostly just scared to confront the idea that anything that has ever happened was not my fault or humiliating for me, much less yours, which drives you to rationalize all these ways to avoid and shift blame.

Re: Cultue, Traits, and Evolution

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 4:24 am
by TF - The Fortress
Yes, absolutely amazing -- because you know zip about me as a person.

And yes, I'm terrified of you Amy! Your characters make me go weak in the knees from fear and I worry about how they will come and make the lives of my characters miserable. You're my personal Freddy Kreuger or Jason. You're the darkness which I shake in fear from. If only I could ever find a way to overcome my fear of you. If I could only find the strength to not cower from your internet presence. If only someone could save me from you I could sleep peacefully at night once more.

Come on. Get a grip.

I write because I am tired of listening to your blathering bullshit and your lack of sense (common and otherwise). I write to get you to spin yourself out and show your true colors since you aren't self-aware enough to see them or acknowledge them yourself. I write because you make me laugh with your shenanigans and how you blame me for ruining people's ability to get to know you (I always let new players learn who you are the hard way just because I am actually an eternal optimist and hope that just once you will turn around and do something out of character for yourself and actually earn good will).

These are the same reasons I've indicated before that I write these posts with you. You're basically full of crap and I call you on it. I really don't care what other people get out of it, when I see bullshit -- I call it. And you Amy....are full of it :)