Turn 3

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Re: Turn 3

Post by LMC - Lord Mayor Cowell » Fri Apr 15, 2022 3:47 pm

GB - Grimm Bronzebeard wrote:
Wed Apr 13, 2022 7:59 am
DM Juan wrote:
Mon Apr 04, 2022 12:55 pm
Hey, sorry. I have been busy, yes. But that isn't really the root issue (more an excuse, I guess). I had a kind of mini melt down, and fundamentally find a lot of the in game communication has become horribly toxic. I just don't want to read it, or deal with it. Frankly, I cannot deal with it anymore... I don't really know how to move beyond that, at this juncture. Maybe it has become too large and sprawling and need to tri the size, but over the last couple years, interactions have become more and more unpleasant and eventually I just cannot do it anymore.

Thank you from Rhurch Rockhammer, leader of the dorf temples who "plane shifted" his entire realm to Moradin's plane at end of EM.

Thank you from Amara, who appearently became a minor goddess after bedding many of the regents in Torova and bloodthefting her way to power(also, thank you Balor for being bloodtheftable)

Thank you from Daene, a moderately evil priest of Azrai.

Thank you from Erin Tariene, my first paladin of Cuiraecen, brutally killed by some random other player. My next char was not memorable in that game.

Thanks from Leoda Kjetilsdottir, a total badass half-elf cleric/fighter with dreams of Empire, carefully and slowly nurtured to some success.

Thank you from Valen, my bisexual badboy but really a goody-goody bridge between the humanists and the sidhe.

Thank you from my next wizard lady, who had 2 husbands at the same time.

Thank you from her granddaughter Eria, a half-demon who really didn't make much impression on the world because it ended soon.

Thank you from Aurelia of the FTC. Playing "Good" is fun. Do it more.

Thank you from Grimm, I didn't really get into him much, it was just a start.

Thanks from Joe, for keeping me entertained with these forum games for so many years.

Now, if you're up for continuing, cut some dead weight(or hostile weight as the case may be) and I'd be happy to go again or even keep going in D5. You'll always be my dungeonmaster, I'll play your games anytime.
Well, that was a fun idea

- Diirk Watershold in EM, who got planeshifted;)

-Cairn Tier in Torova,

Corwin the racist halfelf, who got into a shitload of trouble because the person he was trying to protect spied on him, and saw a note where he lied to someone else, believed the lie, and thought corwin was his enemy...

Riordan the fox ersheg in Giantdown

Adriala the dark inTaelshore who eventually flew off in the dimensional ship hidden below the island(could have done it sooner, but didnt want to kill all the ones living on the island), likely still flying about (half elf + long life). Spent to much time researching crystals! ;) Maedhros Ancestor!

Arndir, Adriala´s son in Diaspora. Spent most of his time paranoid about invasion, and made so many different nasty surprises for an invader, that was never used...

Merwyn in Erebannien. Here I, for reasons I won´t go into, lost the fun for awhile, and left, to return when that ended.

Gorka greybeard in Kraken.

Maedhros in the recent game. gained lots of power, didnt use it so much. Spent the last 5 turns mostly being a regencycollector to boost bloodline!

And now Malakai, who didnt really get going!
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Re: Turn 3

Post by TH - The Hunt » Mon Apr 18, 2022 4:21 pm

My PCs have been:
  • Eimhir the Sailor, who went on some amusing adventures and got a fiefdom from Daeric Dhoesone before something Lovecraftian happened somewhere else in the game world.
  • Her daughter Nameluzayr, who founded the Serpent River Federation, kept it growing, and passed it on to her children, before that game was aborted due to events elsewhere.
  • Nameluzayr's great-granddaughter Areida Faderan, who was tasked with establishing an island fortress to ward off invaders from outside the region, who, after taking some wealth from an overflowing vault on the mainland, was forever after hounded by a frothing mob and those who would manipulate them, until many of her people were forced to join and aid the invaders for the sake of survival, and even she had to work indirectly with those who'd enslaved her throughout the preceding to avoid being enslaved by another master, more cruel than the previous.
  • Khonceys, great-niece or cousin once-removed of Areida, a Sidhelien explorer who was manipulated into taking control of a werewolf illusionist awnshegh's domain and the leaderless dwarves within it, and whose entire life was devoted to fighting the evil necromancers, cannibals, and other dark progeny that inhabited all lands nearby, and attempted to use any fool with an interest in obtaining real estate by gold or by blade as living shields for them to lash out from behind, resulting in an ever-escalating war that would continue even after the world ended.
  • Morcuan, a young half-fey pacifist of the same generation but a different line, whose only ambition was to establish a place of safety, study, and natural beauty, but who encountered another creature who intended to do something similar, only while adding an 'un-' before 'natural' and the further ambition to destroy every potential threat or rival... leading to a conflict which nearly destroyed the world, and continued to escalate until both sides were shattered and spent.
  • Dachlaidhiem, apprentice to a wandering swordsman, who has watched the Ashen Huntress, a war wizard of humble origins, become the latest in a series of rulers to strain to survive and remain in control of the chaos Morcuan's enemies left in their wake, and came to discover the greatest nexus of that turned out to be a 'childhood friend' of hers--and worse, a sworn vassal--who has sown insanity in herself and all others in reach using her monopoly on noble education, and unceasing attempts to retain a stranglehold on the historical narrative. As of this writing, Dachladiem thinks himself in considerably over his head.
...So, yeah. I'd be more than happy to continue or start again if something could be done about the trendline illustrated in the list above. That is, the trend of players striving to make the game as hellish as possible, both in terms of what the game setting is like and what it's like to participate in it. Especially through extreme Machiavellian methods.
"The Hunt rides. The Hunt protects."

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