The Gods - but still under construction

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The Gods - but still under construction

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Just to give a sense of where the Gods are going... many revisions to go though.
[+] Greater God: The Architect (LN)
The Architect
Goddess of Order, Creation, Protection, Knowledge, and the Sun
Patron Goddess of the Anuirean Empire

Requirements: Wis 11, Int 13, Cha 11
Prime Req: Wisdom
Alignment:LG, LN, LE, NG, TN, NE
Weapons: Any firearm, stiletto, main-gauche, rapier, or sabre
Armor: None
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior
Favored Sphere: Creation
Major Spheres: All, Alteration (Major), Astral, Elemental (Fire), Healing, Invocation/Evocation (Major), Law, Protection, Sun, War
Minor Spheres: Combat, Numbers
Realm Spells: Improved Bless Land, Maintain Armies, Population Growth, Dispel Realm Magic, Mass Destruction (Temple 3), Excommunicate
Magical Items: As Priest, no magical weapons or armor
Power over Undead: Turn: Yes; Command: No
Powers and Restrictions:
1A) Brotherhood of Man - Humanists acquire a bonus NWP slot every level that may be used on an human language-related proficiency.
2A) E Pluribus Unum - Humanists have a deep sympathy for and appreciation of the many cultures of mankind. Humanists are considered to have native-level familiarity with the norms and customs all human cultures and, at the domain level, do not face cross-cultural penalties for taking actions in human domains.
3A) Followers - As a militant faith, humanists are drawn to serve the temple and to do so well. Humanist priests attract militant followers as they rise in the ranks, Humanist temples are capable of training elite (Tier 5) units, and are able to instill Holiness into units.
4A) Sense Shadow Taint - A priest with this ability may use detect those connected to the Shadow once per day per two levels. She need only stand still and concentrate for one round to invoke the power. The duration and area of effect are the same as a detect undead spell cast by the priest.
5A) The Endless War - Priests of the Architect count as +1 ECL vs Undead wars or Undead Adventures per 2 levels; Priests and Paladins of the Architect gain 10+5%/level magic resistance to Necromantic spells, and Undead abilities (Ghoul's paralysis etc).
6A) Loyalty to the Emperor - Priests of the Architect gain Cathedrals as a bonus building that must be tied to a temple and cannot exceed the level of that temple.

1R) Spell Focus - Humanists rely on crystal devices to focus their spiritual energies. The are unable to cast divine spells without them. The focus itself glows and hums with the power as the Humanist casts spells, making the casting of spells obvious to all. Spell casting for Humanists is also slower (+3), given the need to gather energies in their crystals before casting their spells.
2R) Scholarly: Humanists deeply value continuous learning seek to produce new and recover lost scientific, artistic, or cultural knowledge whenever possible." If they do not take the opportunity to gain new technology, or research it, they take -1 to ALL actions for each turn it is ignored.
3R) Meditation - Humanists believe in inward reflection, and are expected to greet the sunrise every morning in reflection or prayer.
4R) Shadow Aversion - Humanists are forbidden from knowingly consorting with the undead, or shadow mages, or necromancers, or others who willingly align themselves with the Shadow, and must destroy them whenever possible.

Requirements: Str 12, Con 9, Wis 13, Cha 17
Prime Req: Strength, Charisma
Alignment:LG, LN, LE
Weapons: Any. Paladins may specialize with any firearm, Sabre, or Lance.
Armor: Any
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior
Spell Spheres: All, Alteration, Astral, Creation, Elemental Fire, Healing, Invocation/Evocation, Law, Protection, Sun, War
Magical Items: As Paladin
Power over Undead: Turn: Yes; Command: No
Powers: As paladin, but receives spell-casting powers at 5th level rather than 9th. Additionally, paladins gain human language NWPs at the same rate as priests, do not experience cross-cultural penalties, and may sense "shadow-taint" as per priests. Humanist paladin abilities target chaotic alignments rather than evil alignments.

Required Vow: "I will always uphold the sanctity of human life"
[+] Intermediate God: Arawn (NE)
Arawn, The Reborn God
Lord of Conquest, Power, Rebirth, Knowledge and Magic

Requirements: Wis 11, Int 11, Str 9
Prime Req: Wisdom
Alignment: LE, CE, NE
Weapons: staff, club, war hammer, horseman’s mace, and horseman’s flail
Armor: Any
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior, Rogue
Favored Sphere: War
Major Spheres: Combat, War, Necromancy, Time
Minor Spheres: All, Charm, Creation, Divination, Healing, Law, Protection
Realm Spells: Improved Bless Land, Maintain Armies, Population Growth, Dispel Realm Magic, Death Plague (Temple 2), Legion of Dead ("The Forged")
Magical Items: No Restrictions
Power over Undead: Turn: Yes; Command: No
1) Arawn has granted his priests all spells of the arcane schools of Alteration, Invocation and Evocation, and Conjuration and Summoning.
2) Arawn's temples attract powerful warriors who believe might makes right. Can muster Teir 5 units.
3) Arawn has taught his priests all the secrets of mankind. All NWPs are Class skills for them. Their Libraries and Academies count as 1 level higher. Priests of Arawn may build Academies as a bonus building, tied to a Temple and of no greater size than that temple.
4) Arawn has granted his Priests the ability to animate the dead, bringing forth The Forged. They do not count as undead, but use their stats.

1) When they enter the church priests of Arawn are given a Holy Symbol as the focus of their spell casting. These symbols are forged of silver from the mines of ancient Annuvin with eyes of black onyx. They are rare and greatly valued and passed on to new priests as others die.
2) Priests of Arawn must do all they can to retrieve any lost Holy symbols they become aware of.
3) When casting, the eyes of a priest of Arawn turn black and a wave of fear emanates from them.
4) On the dates of the Crossing and of Arawn's ascension his priests hold great ceremonies where they sacrifice old and infirm slaves to his glory. At the height of the ceremony one young strong male and female slave are given the names Borje and Namel respectively and are sacrificed in the most painful way possible.
5) Arawn should be worshiped by all. By choice or by force.
[+] Intermediate God: Moradin (LG)
Patron of Creation, Karamhul, Protection

Requirements: Wis 13, Int 11
Prime Req: Wisdom
Alignment:LG, LN, NG
Weapons: Warhammer, staff, club, horseman’s mace, horseman’s flail, crossbow
Armor: Any
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Mage
Favored Sphere: Creation
Major Spheres: All, Healing, Necromantic, Animal, Protection, Creation, Law
Minor Spheres: Thought, Divination
Realm Spells: Investiture, Population Growth, Improved Bless Land, Conversion, Dispel Realm Magic, Honest Dealing, Maintain Armies
Magical Items: As Priest
Power over Undead: Turn: Yes; Command: No

Powers and Restrictions:
1A) Mountain Stalwart - Temples in High or Low Mountains are counted as fortified to their holding level.
2A) Academy of Moradin - To train the followers of Moradin and support the priesthoods research efforts, Priests of Moradin can build Academies, as a bonus building. It cannot exceed the associated temple level.
3A) Moradin's Followers - Temples of Moradin are capable of training elite (Tier 5) units, and are able to instill Holiness into units.
4A) Wisdom of Moradin - Priests of Moradin treat all NWP as in class

1R) Spell Focus - Priest of Moradin focus their spells through their holy symbol, a Warhammer.
2R) Awkward casting - Light of Moradin- A priest of Moradin’s eyes and hands glow when casting spells.
3R) Meditation - Priest of Moradin are expected to thank Moradin for his gifts with a prayer every morning.
4R) Prayer book - Unlike most other faiths, priests of Moradin must maintain a prayer book with their spells in it. They use INT to learn spells like Wizards and must have their prayer book to refresh spells.
[+] Greater God: Rhyel (CN)
Names: Rhyel, Rael (Anuirean), The Laughing God, The Prince of Pleasure
Patron of Goblins, Prostitutes, Trickery, Deception, Intrigue, Thieves and Spies

Requirements: Wis 9, Cha 13, Dex 13
Prime Req: Wisdom
Alignment: CG, CN, CE, TN
Weapons: None
Armor: None
Proficiencies: General, Priest
Favored Sphere: Charm

Major Spheres: All, Animal, Charm, Necromancy, Healing, Thought, Creation, Summoning, Divination, Weather, Time
Minor Spheres: Guardian, Protection, Plant

Realm Spells: Improved Bless Land, Population Growth, Magical Tithe, Defection (Temple 1), Subversion (Temple 1), Dispel Magic

Power over Undead: None

1: Thief Skills (1/2 level rounded up)
1: Secondary Wizard (Second spell list, as if a wizard of half your Priest level, rounded up)
School Access: Enchantment: 1-6, Alteration: 1-4, Illusion: 1-4, Conjuration: 1-4, Divination: 1-4
1: Divine Spells are cast 2 units quicker (minimum speed: 1)
5: Gain 1 extra available Spy Ring

Must engage in sexual activity at least once per day in order to continue to be able to memorize spells
Cannot refuse sexual advances - no matter the situation
[+] Intermediate God: The Forester (CG)
Names: Skogvarte - Rjurik, Houtwagter - Brechtur, Hunarmand - Anuirean
Patron of Rjurik, Rangers, Forests

Requirements: Wis 11, Cha 11, Con 9
Alignments: NG, CG, CN
Weapons: staff, club, war hammer, horseman’s mace, and horseman’s flail, Bow and arrows, javelin, light lance, sling, spear
Armor: Studded leather or lighter
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior
Favored Sphere: Animal
Major Spheres: All, Animal, Plant, Healing, Protection
Minor Spheres: Weather, Travelers
Realm Spells: Improved Bless Land, Population Growth, The Forester's Wrath [Mighty Forest], Dispel Realm Magic

1: The Forest Provides - Temple 2 provides "Grain" access in Forest Provinces (for purposes of Granary, Growth and Units). It is not transferred along trade routes.
1: Warriors of the Wode: THAC0 as per a warrior
1: Move Silently - The Priests and Rangers of The Forester can mask their movement, in all spheres of life (using thief DMG table for Move Silently/level)
3: Secret language: Priests of this faith share the language of Druids. Allowing them to communicate with others of the faith or ex-priests of Erik, despite culture or other languages known.
6: Shapechange: Priests of the faith gain the Druid Shapechange ability
7: Pass without trace: as the spell.

Ceremony: A priest is required to take a few moments each day observe and appreciate unspoiled nature each day. This could require a moderate degree of travel for those in populated areas. Wealthier priests will maintain an estate including undeveloped wilderness for this purpose. A priest who skips the ceremony may lose his memorized spells or suffer some other sign of his deity’s disfavor until he finds a way to atone.
Followers: A priest has access to train Tier 5 units (Elite Rangers)
Talisman/symbol: Mistletoe is an important holy symbol to priests of the faith just as the druids before them. It is a necessary part of some spells (those requiring a holy symbol). To be fully effective, the mistletoe must be gathered by the light of the full moon using a golden or silver sickle specially made for the purpose. Mistletoe gathered by other means halves the effectiveness of a given spell, if it causes damage or has an area of effect, and grants the target a +2 bonus to his saving throw if a saving throw is applicable.
Behaviour/Taboo: Priests of the faith are required to honor and preserve nature at all times. They are required to ensure that any animal slain in hunt or self defense be fully utilized. This includes those they come across even if they are not responsible for the kill. This requirement need not apply for undead or diseased wildlife, which should instead be destroyed to halt the spread of corruption. A priest of the faith is further prohibited from abetting the wasteful destruction of flora.
Limited magical item use: Like druids, priest of the faith can use all magical items normally allowed priests, except for those that are written (books and scrolls).
Difficult Spell Acquisition: Spells for the faith are not acquired in the normal manner of quiet prayer and contemplation. In order to memorize spells the recipient requires the assistance of other adherents of the faith, normally other priests, rangers and others followers of the lodge. A series of rites and rituals are performed, prohibited to outsider observation. The number of adherents required may be reduced in places of exceptional natural beauty, fey mounds, or druid circles.

Requirements: Str 13, Dex 13, Con 14, Wis 14
Prime Req: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom
Weapons: Any, Weapon Specialization allowed
Alignment: NG, CG
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior
Powers: Early Ranger Spell casting (4 levels earlier), Access to all Priest Special Abilities & Restrictions above
[+] Intermediate God: Kamoshka (CE)
Name: The Maw, The Storm, The Devourer, Komassa
Patron of the Dead, The Lost (Souls, Memories, Treasures), Water, The Void

Once Nesirie, Kamoshka now consumes all who cross her path. Rage and Anger fill her soul, and her followers embrace the sense of loss to gain power and dominion over life. The ultimate goal of existence is it's own destruction. Nothing can survive, and all eventually will perish. She Who Watches the End, knows this, and will usher it's coming.

There is no pity or mourning what is lost anymore, there is only bringing an end to all that which exists solely to cause her pain.

Requirements: Wis 15
Prime Req: Wisdom
Alignment: NE, CE, CN
Weapons: as priest
Armor: Any
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Wizard
Favored Sphere: Necromantic
Major Spheres: All, Elemental (Water), Weather, Necromantic, Conjuration (Arcane), Sun (Reversed), Invocation (Arcane), Necromantic (Arcane)
Minor Spheres: Divination, Numbers, Time, Thought, Wards, Healing
Realm Spells: Improved Bless Land, Dispel Realm Magic, Investiture, Legion of the Dead, Mass Destruction (Temple: 3), Death Plague (Temple: 2)
Magical Items: As Priest
Power over Undead: Turn: No; Command: Yes
Powers and Restrictions:
1) The Silence of the Void - Priests of Nesirie cannot speak. At level 1, Priests of Nesirie require no material components for spells. At level 3, they gain a limited ability to speak through one muse. At level 7, they can cast Telepathy at will.
2) The Darkness of the Void - Priests of Nesirie cannot see (permanent blindness effect). At level 3, they gain blindfight NWP. At level 7, they can cast True Seeing at will.
3) Spirit powers: Beginning at 5th level, a priest with this ability commands spirit powers over the spirits of the dead, as described for the shaman in the Book of Priestcraft.
4) Warriors of the Void - Churches of Nesirie train holy warriors (Tier 5 units), devoted to the eradication of life.
5) Seafarers of the Void - Nesirie is intimately connected with the oceans. At Temple 2, the Province is considered 1 level higher for meeting ship building requirements.
6) Language of the Void - Priestesses of the Maw have a secret language of knots and twine, known only to themselves. It allows them to still cast spells, though it makes it awkward to know very many (see limits below).

1R) Difficult spell acquisition: Priests may only pray for spells when in contact with the main waterways of their own realm.
2R) Hazardous spells: For any spell which heals, the priest takes 2 points of damage per spell level. Nesirie shuns healing, as death is the ultimate goal for all life.
3R) Limited spell selection: Prayers are complex. Priest spells are limited just like wizard spells and require prayer books.
[+] Intermediate God: Mats (TN)
Names: Mats, The Shaper, The Narrator
Patron of Writers, Orators, Actors, Wanderers, Adventuring, Stories, Amnesia

Requirements: Wis 9, Int 9, Cha 13
Prime Req: Cha
Alignment: All
Weapons: As a Rogue
Armor: Chain Mail
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Rogue
Favored Sphere: Travelers
Major Spheres: Combat, Charm, Creation, Thought
Minor Spheres: All, Divination, Healing, Protection, Guardian, Animals,
Realm Spells: Bless Land, Population Growth, Conversion, Magical Tithe, Dispel Realm Magic
Magical Items: No Restrictions
Power over Undead: Turn: No; Command: No
1) Mats has granted his priests as they gain personal growth, advanced communication with legendary beats and myths. (Giants, Dragons, Elementals, Outsiders, etc.)
2) Mats' temples attract powerful heroes who believe right makes might. Can muster Teir 5 units.
3) Mats' priests are usually cunning individuals with street smarts, NWP options include Rogue
4) Mats' priests are able to inspire and enrage allies (+2)
5) Mats favours adventure. Priests of Mats may additionally build a Lab as a bonus building, attached to a Temple and may not exceed the level of that temple.
6) Bards are respected members of the faith
7) Bards of the faith are known for their advanced abilities in magic (start progression 1 level earlier on spell table)
8) Bards of the faith are just as well known for their daring displays of martial skill (can Expertise)

1) Priests must give shelter and aid to those who claim to be on some sort quest
2) Priests must give away possessions should they be suited to assisting a friendly or neutral party on a quest.

Faith's disposition:

The faith promotes everything in life as a story, song, or other vocal art form. Everything's story is in some way important but stories can and do come into conflict. Those who attempt to end the conflict must always be aware that their method to end it could always lead one becoming the antagonist in another's story. There is nothing wrong with being the antagonist from time to time in another's tale. However, becoming that which is always the opposition, lest they become the antagonist in their own story. Heroic adventures whether of skill of arms, flexing of wit, or by way of mirth are given a special reverence. One does not have to partake but one is expected to provide hospitality to travelers and adventurers if the opportunity arises. A hero's work can be self determined or externally motivated but one cannot ignore the signs.

Priests often work from outside the perspective of the protagonist. Setting up a task or ordeal for a prospective hero to strive against. In this regard they can be seen as wise men or even sometimes troublemakers as the problem could be coaxed to be worse before it is ultimately solved. Or in a failed case just made worse as the prospective hero doesn't succeed and the issue never solved. In this way they might be found assisting an antagonist for the benefit of the story as determined by the priest, some stories have endings where the villains win. These are rare but do happen.
[+] Intermediate God: Haelyn (NG)
Requirements: Str 13, Wis 13, Cha 13
Prime Req: Wisdom
Alignment: LG, NG, CG, TN
Weapons: Any
Armor: Any
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior
Favored Sphere: Protection

Major Spheres: All, Charm, Healing, Combat, Sun, War, Protection, Alteration[Wizard], Guardian
Minor Spheres: Creation, Divination

1: "Friend to All People" - Gain Multicultural NWP
1: Warrior Proficiency
3: Expert Healer: A priest with this power grants +1HP per spell level on all cure wound spells (ie, Cure I = d8+2, Cure II = 2d8+4, etc)
7: Combat Bonus [Warrior Thac0]
7: Weapon Specialization

Improved Bless Land
Bless Army
Dispel Magic

Ceremony/observance: Priests of Haelyn revere the Sun and the Moon as the Mother and Father. At Dawn, and at Dusk, they must perform a ritual ceremony in recognition of the Heavens.

Behavior/taboo: Must protect anyone in need, or who requests it. Note that this doesn't require you to protect someone actively engaged in conflict, but if they surrender to you, you must protect them no matter the consequences.

Enemy of Outsiders: The Faith of Haelyn believes strongly in keeping the world free from the corruption of outsiders. They must seek out and destroy all Angels, Devils, Daemons, and the like (eg: doing outsider adventures, etc). Leaving an Outsider adventure unresolved within your court's range, causes a -1 to all actions until it is resolved.

Enemy of the The Shadow: Priests of Haelyn believe the Unseelie are agents of the Shadow, and must seek out any conflict to assist against the Shadow and Undead. Priests of Haelyn must join battle against Undead invasions, if possible. A failure to do so results in a -1 to all actions for 5 turns.
[+] Greater God: Banon (LE)
Patron of Community, Charm, Wisdom, Prosperity
Holy Symbol: Two Clasped Hands

Req Wis 13 Cha 11 Int 9
Alignment: Any non-chaotic
Weapons: Any
Armor: Any
Proficiencies: All
Favoured Sphere: Charm
Major Spheres: All, Charm, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection
Minor Spheres: Creation, Law, War, Wards
Special: Alteration school level 1-4, Illusion School level 1-2
Realm Spells: Improved Bless Land, Population Growth, Dispel Realm Magic, Defection (Temple 1), Banon's Homeguard
[+] Banons Homeguard
Req Temple 3
Caster level 6
Cost 4RP per levy, max 2 levies per caster level
Duration: 1 domain turn
By calling upon the power of Banon, the caster calls forth the primal will to defend one's family. This spell may only be cast upon levies recruited in the province they are currently in, and afterwards if those units leave the province, the spell no longer affects them. While defending their homes, those units are treated as heavy infantry. This spell may affect any number of provinces, provided the conditions for casting are met, and no more than 2 levies per caster level may be affected.

Build Bridges - Priests are required to present a minor gift when meeting new people to encourage positive relationships. This is traditionally a written psalm relevant to the interaction, sometimes spoken aloud or sung.
Ascendance - Priests must end each day with a reflection on their daily actions, and personal responsibilities, and how they could improve their results in the future by changing their own behaviour, not the behaviour of others.
Unity - Priests ignore race penalties, and non-chaotic alignment penalties on domain actions in any province where they have a temple.
Keep the Peace - Priests must make a good faith effort at a mutually beneficial resolution before attacking an enemy, if possible.
Prepare for War - Priests may build Training Grounds in addition to their starting building choices. These must be built where the priest has a temple holding of equal or greater level.
Offer One Hand - Priests may add +1 to their non-adventure random event rolls.
Arm the Other - Temples of level 3 or greater add one training point whenever a priest of Banon trains units.
[+] DemiGod - Bielamog (LE)
Patron of Warriors (especially Mercenaries)

Requirements: Wis 9, Str 13, Cha 9
Alignments: Any
Weapons: Any, no restrictions
Armor: Any, no restrictions
Proficiencies: General, Priest, Warrior
Favored Sphere: Combat
Major Spheres: Combat, Guardian, Healing, War
Minor Spheres: all, charm, creation, divination, protection
Arcane Casting: Alteration 1st through 4th
Realm Spells: Population Growth, Maintain Armies, Transport(modified) (Temple 4)
Redeployment (Modified Transport)
Regency: 4RP/unit
Gold: 1GB
Required Holding: 4
Duration: Instantaneous

Redeployment allows a priest to instantly move friendly armies and ships from any province they control a temple holding to the province from which the spell is cast. The priest may then immediately move friendly armies and ships from the casters province to any other province containing their domain's temple holdings. A Priest can move as many units as their level, up to 1 province per level away.

The affected units are eligible to move during any War Moves following the action round in which this spell is cast. This spell cannot be used on unwilling units.
1: Form of the Warrior: The faith commands physical training over dogmative education. Priests use a warriors thaco, hit dice, bonus hit points from high constitution, and may roll for exceptional strength at 18 strength.
1: Fighter's Focus: Single class Priests may attain specializations (Multiclass may select expertise)
1: Esprit de Corps: Has access to Tier 5 Units (Myrmidons - Elite Infantry with -20% to attrition)

'Keep what you kill': Charity, especially when anonymous, is immoral. It is harmful to the beneficiary and society as a whole. Teach a man to fish and they will develop self-worth and not be a burden to their people.

'Like a craftsman a warrior respects their tools': After battle a few minutes must be spent cleaning and maintaining their arms and armor. Placing a bloodied weapon in its scabbard is considered especially heinous.

'A sharp blade means little without the skill to wield it' A priest is required to spar vigorously and exercise prior to receiving their spells for the day. Likely sustaining light injury each day prior to their adventures.

'A victor's laurels' Priest are ordained when they claim a trophy for their accomplishing the training goals. This Trophy can take any form and is a required focus for all spell cast by the priest.

Limited magical item use: A priest is limited to using magic items available to be used by a fighter. They are unable to activate rods/staffs/wands and other spell-use items.

Reduced spell progression: A priest with this restriction memorizes one less spell of each level than normal. If the priest’s spell allocation for any given level is reduced to 0 by this limitation (like the 1st-level priest above), he gains no bonus spells for an exceptional Wisdom score for that character level.

Special Power/Restriction:
Training Grounds: A Priest of Bielamog MUST chose Training Grounds as one of (or the only choice) their Class Buildings. Training Grounds also act as a limited academy. Training Grounds allow recruitment of Fighter and Priest lieutenants as if equal to the Training Ground level.
[+] DemiGod: Mask, The Spirited Way
Aliases: Lady Never Here, the Spy that Eyes
Patron of Agents, Musicians, Scholars, Sailors, and Watchmen
Holy Symbol: An ouroboros (serpent biting its own tail), usually carved from wood

Ability Requirements: 13 Wis, 9 Dex, 9 Int
Alignment: LE, NE, TN, NG, CG
Weapons: No restrictions
Armour: None may be worn
Proficiencies: General, Priest

Favored Sphere: Numbers
Minor Spheres: All, Charm, Thought, Water, Guardian, Summoning
Major Spheres: Time, Sun

Realm Spells: Population Growth, Honest Dealings, Bless Land (Improved)

1) Priests of the Way have all the skills of a thief half their level.
2) They are full masters of unarmed combat, with no need for armour.
3) They are able to summon the strength of great spirits into their followers.

1) Priests of the Way have a limited spell selection, and learn spells much as a wizard does.
2) They may not wear armour, except as part of a disguise. Even then, they cannot cast spells in it.
3) They may not own more than they can easily carry, and may not use magic for the sake of material gain.

Faith's Disposition:
Few things unify the priests of the Spirited Way. Those of the Orthodox Temple of Annwn were collectivist and authoritarian to an unprecedented extreme, while the Preservers of Liberty from the Great Desert were their polar opposite. A thousand shades between these once graced the lands of Aduria. Still, all were known for their martial arts ability, in as many styles as there were temples, and for their unusual lack of interest in persuading others to join them.

While to some extent the Way is known as a quintessential 'elven' faith, and most of its followers are of Sidhelien stock, the Way's promise of something for everyone, and autonomy and doctrinal freedom to boot, means nearly any sentient race has at least some representation among the Way's priesthood. As the Way promotes exploration, these folk can be found in surprising places. Their deity, if she really is one, is known for her mythic legend, but not for her role in the faith, and receives no direct veneration. Followers of the Way pray to whatever suits them best.

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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by TH - The Hunt » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:05 pm

Still gotta fix Improved Bless and replace it with better stuff, for one. Skipping that for now to give feedback on the new gods.
[+] Bielamog
Mostly makes sense, I just have some issues with the unique spell. The wording of Redeployment is... confusing.

It lets you move friendly units from your temple to the province you cast it in, then move units from the caster's province (does that mean the province it's cast in?) to any other province. Why this, why not just... transport the units? It seems the spell allows moving units twice through an intermediate province, if the spell can be cast there, but otherwise only allows moving them from one point to another.

Teleportation seems outside the realm of divine magic. Though maybe that's mostly a flavour thing. It could summon a giant, indestructible transport ship (made of weapons and bones or whatever) to carry the units, haul them for the specified distance, then drop them off. The only substantial difference would be that this wouldn't allow the units to be teleported overland or to move downrivers, they would have to cross the sea, and even a wizard/priest wouldn't be able to bring units through a Warding this way. (Nor would hostile fortified provinces be traversable, but that would only matter if the spell was cast in one, and the army had just arrived, and not yet neutralized the castle.)
[+] Banon
Giving one type of priest an extra type of starting class building doesn't make sense if and when there's no options for non-priests to get three class buildings.

There's no explanation for what Combat and War magic have to do with a god of Charm, Wisdom, and Prosperity, nor do they seem to be linked to anything else about the deity, except his equally-unexplained training point boosts. It seems he's also (unmarked as) the god of the Castle Law and Citizen Militias.

Being able to ignore race penalties is too much when there's a 2-slot NWP that only reduces the penalty by 1, to a minimum of 1. 'Unity' is worth more than 5 free NWPs. And then there's the +3 to non-adventure random event rolls, which is worth well more than 7 NWP slots, and can apparently stack with them. Altogether, the Banon priest benefits seem worth at least as much as a normal character's entire starting DP. But, how many of those does it cost to pick?
[+] Homeguard
This spell puts Holy War to shame. Using Holy War to conjure up two units of Heavy Infantry costs 20 RP and 20 GB instead of 8 RP and 0 GB. While Holy War can be used offensively, and lasts for two or three turns longer, a 'defensive only' limitation is not much of one when wars can so easily be decided by a single battle. Unless the levies are killed before the spell is complete, this is an extremely cost-efficient 'I win' button for the defender.

What's with the '2 levies per caster level' rule? The spell requires a level 6 caster, but even a level 10 province only produces 10 levies. At 1 per level, too, it would amount to no effective limit on the number of target levies. Additionally, the wording says 'levies recruited'. If 'levies raised' and 'levies mustered' both count, then a level 10 province could produce 20 levies to target.

I suggest revising this so that the spell takes the place of the 'raise levy' action. In other words, after the spell is cast, the province is reduced by one level, regaining that level at the end of the turn when the levies disband. The number of units raised equal the province level as normal (regardless of the priest's own level). If they leave the province, the spell still ends.

Among other benefits, doing it this way means that there's potential counter-play: If the province is levied (whether by an exuberant defending regent or by a Subversion spell) before the spell is cast, it can't be cast. (It couldn't be levied after the spell was cast, either.) The spell would presumably fail automatically if the province regent wasn't willing to let the priest raise their levies. Though, the levies would also remain units belonging to the province ruler regardless, so they wouldn't have a strong incentive to resist--mostly just the loss of holding levels from the province level decreasing.

I suggest the degree to which the units are elevated depend on the RP expenditure (perhaps limited by caster level). At the lowest level, just to irregulars, but heavy infantry are possible if a higher cost is paid. I'd also reduce the duration to one action, rather than a full turn, as 'drawing on the primal will to defend one's family' sounds taxing.
[+] Taboos and Inconveniences
It seems Banon has a taboo requirement of... having to give out a gift that the recipient isn't likely to value. Doesn't seem worth the words. It looks more like a burden on others than something that restricts his priests.

If I were playing one, I'd benefit from an example of what 'a good faith effort at a mutually beneficial solution' means, to understand how that might inconvenience the priest.
[+] Haelyn
Compared to the last two, Haelyn could use something special. He doesn't seem to have even one potentially game-breaking ability that the others can't match or exceed. Not that I'm complaining about that.
[+] Mask
Still missing info for paramanders... I have the info here, I can do a new write-up if you want. viewtopic.php?f=50&t=663&start=10
And one more, for now...
[+] Moradin
I think I understand what the meditation requirement means, here (I assume it's the same for Banon, just at the other end of the day. A couple hours of that every day at the same time, or else, bad stuff.

4A) This isn't a special ability, it just means that the faith purchased every class for some reason. Why on Aebrynis the priests of Moradin need to learn wizard and rogue skills (even without being multi-class) is beyond me.

3A) Could use a bit of flavour. 'The Hammers of Moradin', I guess these units would be. Or just 'Hammerhands'.

2A) Again, bonus class buildings seems like an unfair advantage. Why not just choose academies and cathedrals as class buildings? Or if multiclass, just Academies? Why doesn't every religion get to have Academies? The Spirited Way needs to train monks, too... Doesn't the temple level requirement already apply to class buildings?

1A) This amounts to a gigantic amount of free money--free money that a dwarven temple in the mountains doesn't need. On top of that, it means they don't have to devote build actions to fortifications like everyone else does. Why not just build fortifications normally? This could be replaced with something that adds to the game instead of skipping part of it.

Why does Moradin have the Animal as a major sphere? Just for the giant eagles? And why does he have Thought? Why not... Elemental Earth, for example?
Feedback part two: viewtopic.php?f=70&p=33677#p33674
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by YK - Yuri Khavlor » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:20 pm

Redeployment is based on succor and word of recall.

Phase 1 (pull) is collect rally forces from any number of templed provinces.

Phase 2 (push) local forces to a single destination temple.

Was partly inspired by the githyanki use of gate spells to march from one prime to another via their astral fortress.
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by CSF - Flint » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:22 pm

Can I create a level 0 temple in my invasion target province and then mass bielamog teleport my army in?
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by TH - The Hunt » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:29 pm

Hmm. So it's more like setting a 'rally point' and then stuffing the whole army into it. Maybe if there was a limit on how frequently it could be cast, like with Gold Rush, it'd work better. Then casting it would mean you were done with magical redeployment for the season, you wouldn't be able to pull the army back out or send reinforcements unless they survived for some turns.
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by YK - Yuri Khavlor » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:30 pm

CA - Court of Armach wrote:
Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:22 pm
Can I create a level 0 temple in my invasion target province and then mass bielamog teleport my army in?
That's the idea. Wizard just needs a leyline for their version, and can teleport your defenders out too.
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by TH - The Hunt » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:34 pm

I just realized you could combine Redeploy with Maintain Armies to negate the requirement to have winter quarters for troops, save hundreds of GB in maintenance costs without being concerned about the normal drawback of using that spell--being stuck in one province--and rush a doomstack rapidly over the continent without any need for a fleet. Hmm.
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by YK - Yuri Khavlor » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:43 pm

That is what I imagined their MO to be. It takes a lot of RP income to pull off. So not abuse able (I estimate) Beilamog temples also likely need to work with another faith or wizard, because the have no realm dispel or bless land capability.
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by TH - The Hunt » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:55 pm

It's abusable. We start with up to 16 RP/turn. We start with fewer than 4 units. If you team up with any number of players, and at least one starts with a province 4, you can funnel more units than you have combined up to your level in units, to aid any conquest. The target will have no defense but to hope someone else invades you while your armies are busy. Even then, you can just warp them back the next turn, and crush anyone who has fewer units than you.

Other players would be compelled to use the same strategy (if they didn't have fleets to accomplish the same effect) and at higher levels the game would factionalize into two dueling magical warrior cannons. Non-aligned players would not only have no defense or answer to it, they'd be crippled by the build and maintenance costs of trying to offer one.

Though, a caster level requirement would at least slow this down and give other developments time to happen.

(At first level the spell is a waste of an action, since the unit could just walk. It might make sense to give it a minimum caster level, anyway.)
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Re: The Gods - but still under construction

Post by TPK - The Pirates » Tue Jul 07, 2020 12:03 am

Or a strong effort to ensure the faith of Bielamog doesn't infest/infect your lands or those neighboring you.

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