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Fluff Discussions about what was going on

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:19 pm
by JB - Jontinius Bruin
Borje Kolming's Shit List
0-10, 7-8 = Friend ,9+ Goes out of way to help, 2-3 = Foe,1- go out of way to cause problems (Ratings may not be mutual between Borje and Second Party)

Daene 8 (Was unsure but willing to give benefit of doubt, prepared to drop to 0)
Thamiel 10
Rhyel 10
Valen 10
Corbin 10
Olaf 10
Brom 8
Arndir 9
Wzebora 7
Talia 12
Malinda 8
Har Lea Quinn 9
Nwynn Llyrandor 8(would have likely quickly got better)
Ethak 7 (Wavecrusher was 9)
Siocce 7

Other Dwarves....? They were just extensions of TZK
Shireen 4
Kragin 5
Samuel 5
Gryce 4
Ector 4

Hegemony 7
Rebel Elves 6
Seaelves 5
Native Dwarves 5

Gaelin 3
Arawn 2 (Was unsure but not readily giving the benefit of doubt, prepared to raise to 4)
Namel 2

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:33 pm
by HBH - Bloodmage
Yes, the other dwarves were just an extension of me... I like that.

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:42 pm
by SG - Sigrun Godefroy
I think most people were around a 5-8 for lekomira, she was generally trying to keep the peace between factions but was crippled by so many wars XD

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:50 pm
by TH - The Hunt
Ha ha, I never directly caused problems for anyone. All my actions in the entire game were either in my own provinces or adjacent ones, and those I took in adjacent ones were never hostile, except for the ones directed against Daene and Arawn south of my border. I never took offensive actions against holdings in my realm, either. In fact, the only time I ever use the 'contest' or 'agitate' actions was in Camlann, and the only realm spells I ever cast were Bless, Population Growth, and Regent Site, once each.

I didn't even act against Anuire's provinces, unless exploring their provinces after they delivered an ultimatum counts. The only thing I did to hurt them was try and fail to drive out their soldiers from my own territory. Someone must have been doing a very good job false-flagging as Namel.

Siocce was of the troublemaking sort, but seemed more like a '5' than a '2', as far as I could see. She settled two neutral provinces other realms had claims to even though I'd explored them myself, but she never attacked anyone until the very last turn when I told her to go sink Daene's fleet, so far as I know. She stole Daene's sword, but that was also to retaliate. I don't know half of what else she got up to, though.

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:02 pm
by JB - Jontinius Bruin
You were a victim of personality as opposed to actions from my viewpoint. Siocce was a friend and poetic, Namel was the "Death of the Author", no storylines made sense in grander schemes but just narrative busting insanity.

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:14 pm
by TH - The Hunt
The paper airplane in the tornado, huh?

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:23 pm
by JB - Jontinius Bruin
Yes, my insanity and your insanity did not mesh.

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:38 pm
by TH - The Hunt
Following the same format, with a similar scale, for NS it'd be...
0-10, 7-8 = Ally, 9+ Close Ally, 2-3 = Enemy, 1- Worst Enemy

Daene 0, was 2 from turn 10 until it appeared he'd been 'the man behind the man' all along
Arawn 1; very, very consistently
Thamiel 3, had been gradually declining since first contact after the Grycemark invasion
Rhyel 4, generally suspicious
Valen 3, had been neutral until his association with Daene
Corbin 4, no relations, but biased against due to use of undead
Olaf 6
Brom 4
Arndir 5
Wszebora 9
Talia 6, only ever interacted once
Malinda 1, plummeted during and after first contact
Har Lea Quinn 5, virtually no relations
Nwynn Llyrandor N/A, no contact
Ethak 6
Siocce NaN

TZK N/A, no contact
Shireen 5, awkward
Kragin N/A, no interactions
Samuel 4, only interacted once
Gryce 3; all interactions had a degree of separation, but it was tense
Ector 5

Hegemony 5
Rebel Elves 4
Seaelves 5
Native Dwarves 6

Gaelin 3, but very sullen about it
Borje 7, only central or northern power that Namel didn't consider dangerous or unhinged to some degree

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:46 pm
by YK - Yuri Khavlor
Olaf genuinely held good will towards all players, though lived a very Isolated existence.

He was nebulous about the Serpent Federation, at first thinking them bullied but unreasonable, later a bully and correct in their protestations.

Krassny's Vos were a pleasant surprise, and and treated as good neighbour. If they needed help, they need but ask. Lekomira was a dissappointment in comparison to her strong and forceful mother.

Borje was like a brother, but touched in the head so not able to fully trust.
Valen was like a cousin, The hedonism raised an eyebrow but he was a good guy with good values.

Rhyell, was alien but so far from the the standard Isolationism or Anti-human sentiments of cerilian elves, they had his strong approval.

Corbin, was the best business associate and friend one could hope for. Generous and reliable. Got a little weird with the masks, but wasn't going to judge them.

Gnolls, A great surprise and was thankful to have met their leader, Pitied theme for their forced migration. Regretted not keeping in contact with Ethak like his father.

Kragin Atorin, A respectable business man. Made a good impression.

Shireen, A highly competent and respectable woman. Was super leary on the 'master race' stuff as had come from a bridgebuilding background. Was inspired by her efforts to fight the Undead Invasion of Grycemark.

Gaelin, as a Dhoesone was owed every bit of respect due to his lineage. An incident resulting from a language gap was a source of regret and personal embarrassment the entire campaign. Olaf was never able to reach out, suffering from self imposed exile until Gaelin would see fit to end it.

LL: Arawn - Was pitiable, He seemed like a man who struggled against the limits of world. Who deserved to do great thinks but was denied opportunity ultimately turning him into an angry and bitter man.

Daene: Seemed like a good guy, who was always taking on the weight of events at great personal cost. A peacekeeper, but ultimately unlucky and beset by a sea of woes.

Others, I didnt interact with much or simply do not recall of the top of my head.

Only Complaint, I have is that there was no effort to make known the casus belli for the wars. The gnoll breeding program was at least an attempt to manufacture one, but the way it was published the same time as the war was declared made it unbeleivable. The wars seemed to be of the wrong scope, or out of proportion. Going to war over a contract dispute, does not demand an immediate involvement of mega alliances. Makes it look like a conquest style boardgame rather than political rpg.

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:53 pm
by TH - The Hunt
I think the main motivation for the two biggest wars was fear of a preemptive strike. Which became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Applies to the war I fought, too. They didn't need to fight it, but they were afraid if they didn't do it sooner, they'd need to do it later, and it would be harder to win.