The Chimaera

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The Chimaera

Post by Ch - Chimaera » Mon Aug 22, 2022 8:26 pm

"I, Danita Kusor, spent my life learning the ways of elves and the ways of humanity. I studied the living and the dead. I learned from the animals, mundane and monstrous alike. That knowledge gained for me a glimpse into Life itself and how to postpone the coming of death.

Am I mad for having done this? I say nay, a thousand nays! Immortality is worth far more than the tortures one endures when sharing the form of a beast. And power, as many can attest who bear Azrai's tainted blood or the purest of Anduiras’ blood, is worth nearly any price. Should these powers make me mad, then I shall suffer the burden of being called mad by lesser, weaker minds. Only those who share my gift can know the majesty and magnificence of true power and life everlasting.

How fortunate are those who have seen my form! How foolish are they who have sought me out unbidden! This is my realm, and you, my people, are subject to my whims... and my whims are vast and varied. Render unto me my tribute, do not trouble me, and most of you should see the full potential of your allotted years. Provoke my interest, and you may be rewarded but... more likely... you will suffer the disfavor of my gullet."

The Chimaera has not been seen for some years. Only the rumors of those gone missing or the reported escape and mad ravings of those few mutated beings who have emerged from the mountains of Lyssan give evidence of her continued existence.

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Re: The Chimaera

Post by Ch - Chimaera » Sun Sep 25, 2022 12:30 pm

Danita woke and smiled. It was her birthday! She went to the appointed place she had coordinated with the council leader to receive her birthday wishes and gifts. She had been a good ruler and expected warm wishes and a plethora of lavish gifts.

She waited....

And waited....

Where was that damned fool!?

Finally she understood what had happened.

The council leader had played her for a fool. How long had they worked closely together? Trying to think of how long it had been made the fuzzies in her head start to buzz. While it was not in her nature to be vindictive, this hateful snub was just too much after she had made so much effort to better the lives of all her subjects. They must all be in on it. The more she thought about it the angrier she became. Did they think she was a weak little girl? They were all probably sitting there around the table laughing at her. Did they think she was a fool to be ignored? DId ThEy tHiNk fOr OnE sEcOnD ThAt she....she.....ssshhheeeAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Suddenly great power ripped through her body and she ripped and tore at the ground with four sets of talons as her wings beat the air furiously.


The fuzzies were a maelstrom in her head. What did that council leader look like again?


1) Hakim al-Qadr
2) Lord Mayor Cowell
3) Lady Katrijn
4) Yuri Khavlor
5) Captain Shanol Flint
6) Charrek Ironfist
7) Duke Cicero
8) Phisad Uriene
9) Morwe of Cuiraecen
10) Rassan al-Hamam
11) Meganno al-Hamam
12) Avicerra al-Hamam

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