The Temple of Water's Blessing

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The Temple of Water's Blessing

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[+] History
The Temple of Water's Blessing has existed in the Iron Peaks since shortly after the battle of Diesmaar, or so the temple tells it anyway. It's certainly true that nobody remembers a time when the temple was not present in the central region, though the long history of conflict in the Iron Peaks has certainly done much to burn away any written records that might have existed from times long ago.

The temple has, at various times, been shaped by Anuirean, Brecht, and Khinasi influences. The temple's fortunes have likewise ebbed and flowed over time alongside the fortunes of the crossroads region. At present, however, the Anuirean influence seems stronger on the local temple. The temple has its greatest influence in the south of the Chimaeron, though just about every province that touches water pays at least some reverence to the Lady of the Seas.
[+] Organization
The temple is lead by a trio of women who, by all accounts, are nearly identical triplets. Going by the names of Verity, Mercy, and Destiny, the three sisters divide between them the responsibilities of running the temple.

The dark-haired Sister Verity leads the Water's Blessing templars. It is said that, aside from protecting the temples from thieves and bandits, the templars will meet out frontier justice when no one else will. In particular, the veiled sisters of Water's Blessing are said to respond vigorously to the grief of women. It is not unheard of for a sailor credibly accused of forcing himself upon some hapless barmaid to later be found floating in the waters near the docks, or a murderer of an innocent who walked free to be found drowned near the home of the mother whose child they slew.

The bright-haired Sister Mercy leads the Water's Blessing lay scribes. From collecting and distributing the little charity that flows in the region to organizing maintenance and repair of temple holdings, the clerks and scribes of the temple see to the practical day-to-day administration of the temple. They repair the buildings, provide food for the destitute, tend to the sick, and make sure people who need to be paid off are done so. Sister Mercy also takes on the responsibility of maintaining the memory of the area, and is known to be buying books in anticipation of building a library.

The white-haired Sister Destiny leads the Water's Blessing clergy. They attend to the usual responsibilities of the priestess of Nesirie, seeing to births and celebrations of life, oversee the blessing of ships and offerings to the sea goddess, as well as protecting and remembering those that came before. However, while each of the three sisters can fairly said to be a bit weird, Destiny is by far the strangest. Some say that she can see into one's soul. Others say she knows the future of every person she sees. Regardless of the truth of it, the temple of Mhowe is seen as a place of oracles and Destiny is said to be the oracle whose prophecies most often come true.
[+] Doctrine and Faith
In many ways, the temple of Water's Blessing seems to be fairly orthodox in their views, at least when compared to other temples of Nesirie. The only really distinctive practice of the Water's Blessing is their custom of only allowing women to serve as priests of the faith. Men may serve the temple in a number of ways, but only women may serve in the clergy or leadership.
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