Stories of the Lands, not necessarily known
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Hakim al-Qadr rules the Khinasi people of Barniere with paternalistic care. While his title is Lord Mayor - his rule is more akin to that of an Emir. He has shown no interest nor expressed any desire to lead the Council.

Neither particularly young nor particularly old - he seems to possess wisdom and vigor in equal measure - though neither in great abundance. He is a devoted follower of Avani and a known enemy of undead - seeking out their destruction wherever they might appear in the region.

Though Hakim is well known to be a devout follower of Avani - he expresses no dissatisfaction with either of the local churches. He has certainly been seen in attendance at both the church of Nasri and the fortified redoubts of Khirdai on all the appropriate holy days. He is well versed in their doctrines and no one can say he has ever failed to appropriately adhere to their rituals on those occasions when he is present or it is called for.

Barniere is a largely unspoiled land of dense forests. Hakim has shown no personal interest in logging the lands though not because of any particular view over the beauty or sacredness of the forests - it is said that he is open to new arrangements if others seek to increase the local prosperity.

Notable Others:
It is said that a Khinasi Wizardess in his service is particularly adept at Alchemy and is gathering resources to build out her services. Some claim that Khalia is not merely an Alchemist but actually an Enchantress using the Alchemy front to sell less savory wares.

Tamar el-Rassad is said to be an ambitious Priest of Avani seeking to bring the people back to the 'true faith' of the Khinasi. He is not seen to have any support from the Lord Mayor but that hasn't stopped his plotting.
Turn to Avani before you return to Avani
Hakim al-Qadr
Mayor of Barniere

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