Hamein - the Freehaven

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Hamein - the Freehaven

Post by LK - Lady Katrijn » Sun Sep 11, 2022 4:41 am

Hamein is neighboring Rohrmarch, separated by the Khurinbyrn River. Potentially it could be a major trade hub, but crime and corruption and the threat of the Chimaera has been a hindrance. And the different mayors of Hamein has not done anything to stop these issues, most are involved themselves.

The provincial capital of Freehaven is located on the westbank of the estuary. Not yet large enough to he called a town, it is surrounded by a number of old ruins, from before the Empire fell apart, where Hamein was a larger trade city, the Anuirean Gateway to the East.

These days the population is quite mixed. Anuireans live side by side with Brecht and Khinasi. A slight majority are Brecht from Rohrmarch, descendants of hopeful immigrants who had their dreams crushed.

After the former mayors unfortunate suidide, where he hung himself after 30 stabs in the back, 'Lady' Katrijn was chosen to lead. Said to once have been a pirate, her rise to fame came when her Protectors established law and order in Hamein, and establishments happily paid for the protection. Those rumours about business owners being roughed up if unwilling to pay is of course completely false, just as the population was not encouraged to vote for Katrijn to avoid violence. Very democratically she won by more than 99% of the votes.

Katrijn the Crimson Blade
Mayor of Hamein

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