What Came Before

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What Came Before

Post by DM Juan » Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:47 pm

The Council of Leaders
With the sudden 'suicide' of the former leader of the Council, a new election has bee set down for the first part of Spring (Turn 2.1). No word yet as to who wishes to be the Leader of the Council, as all know the wrath of the Chimaera is often directed first at the Leader for any failures.

The Chimaera's Rage
The Chimaera had been seemingly dormant, until She came to the Leader of the Council. No one yet knows what She had demanded, for the 'suicide' took place just before they were expected to report on Her demands. The Council is rightfully concerned that if they don't know what the Chimaera desires, how are they to deliver upon Her demands? Worse, they know that the Chimaera won't accept their 'not knowing' as sufficient. They better figure out fast what She wanted, least they find Her vengeful wrath descend upon them.

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